This woman celebrated her 101st birthday with a workout

Regina Zlotnik celebrated her 100th birthday last year with a party. You have to see what she did this year for her 101st. (Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Gold)

Turning 101 years old is a pretty big deal that requires a big celebration. For Regina Zlotnik, who just reached the milestone on Wednesday, hitting the gym at her assisted living facility seemed like the best way to commemorate the occasion. And her granddaughter Ashley Gold couldn’t help but to share the moment.

Zlotnik is ready for a workout to celebrate 101 years. (Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Gold)

“My grandma turns 101 today! Here’s a photo of her working out!” Gold wrote on Reddit with the photo of Zlotnik sitting on an elliptical ready for a workout, which nearly one thousand people found super impressive. From comments that refer to how young and vibrant Zlotnik looks, to those who remind Gold to cherish her grandmother, the post is filled with sweet replies. But after Gold shared her story with Yahoo Lifestyle, it’s clear she need no reminder of how special her grandmother is.

“I definitely get my perseverance from her,” Gold says of her grandmother. “She has inspired me to never give up and to work hard to reach my goals,” which is something that Zlotnik learned herself as a Holocaust survivor in Poland.

Within the Reddit thread, Gold shared with commenters that the 101-year-old has certainly been through a lot after living through the Holocaust and coming to America — a narrative which which other Redditers quickly connected. After the shock of having the post go viral, Gold went through all of the comments, which she says, “were amazing to read.”

“Some made me laugh out loud and some really touched my heart, especially those left by people reminiscing about their own grandparents and those left by other grandchildren of Polish Holocaust survivors,” Gold shares before revealing that Zlotnik is also a survivor of colon cancer, which further emphasizes her strength.

Through it all, it seems that Zlotnik has kept herself in great shape, and she’s apparently very proud of it.

“She loves to show off how active she is and loves to be the center of attention,” Gold admits. “She has a caregiver who takes her to the gym at least twice a week. She can actually touch her toes without bending her knees which is something I can’t even do!”

The centenarian still loves to sing along to her favorite Polish music. (Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Gold)

The mother-of-three, grandmother-of-five, and great-grandmother-of-one is certainly a force to be reckoned with. In her 101st year, Gold says that Zlotnik is still dancing and listening to her favorite Yiddish and Polish music, and definitely still knows how to make people laugh.

“Our hope is for her continued health and happiness,” Gold says. “Her hope is to go to Disneyland.”

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