Wolf Pack creator details how new teen werewolf show is going to be different from Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis is back with another teen werewolf show called Wolf Pack, but it actually has zero connection to Teen Wolf and he promises it's going to be a totally different series.

Davis stopped by EW's New York Comic Con video suite on Friday with the stars of his new series Wolf Pack to preview the upcoming TV adaptation of Edo Van Belkom's books, and he revealed some new intel on why he's returning to the same supernatural creatures again. "I did want to do something different, but from Teen Wolf," Davis says. "With Teen Wolf, one of the first things we did was here's the traditional werewolf myth, how do we spin it. This, I wanted to go back to more traditional myths."

He also realized that he had more to say and explore with teenagers that Teen Wolf didn't touch on. "I found with teenagers these days, there are issues such as anxiety, disconnected youth trying to find each other, can they still find each other in a world like this where it's all technology, pandemics, and people are being separated," Davis says. "That's really what the story is about: these four kids finding each other, and finding their pack, and finding their people."

'Wolf Pack'
'Wolf Pack'

Paramount+ 'Wolf Pack'

Written and executive produced by Davis, Wolf Pack follows a teenage boy and girl whose lives are changed forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature and drives it to attack a highway traffic jam beneath the burning hills. Wounded in the chaos, the boy and girl are inexplicably drawn to each other and to two other teenagers who were adopted sixteen years earlier by a park ranger after another mysterious wildfire. As the full moon rises, all four teens come together to unravel the secret that connects them — the bite and blood of a werewolf.

Davis reveals that he actually didn't want to do another teen werewolf show after ending Teen Wolf and making Teen Wolf: The Movie. "After 100 episodes of Teen Wolf I thought I was done with werewolves," he says. "They asked me, 'Would you be interested in doing another supernatural TV show?' I was like , 'Supernatural, of course.' Then they said, 'Would you be interested in doing something sort of similar to Teen Wolf?' I said, 'Well is it actually teen werewolves?' Then they said, 'Maybe.' I'm not kidding. They sent me the book and it actually does tie into something I've been thinking about for a while, which was the California wildfires."

He adds that he couldn't stop thinking about the infamous photo of a Los Angeles highway that was on fire, and he thought, "What if a school bus was stuck in traffic sitting right next to that fire." That's exactly how Wolf Pack begins.

Series star Sarah Michelle Gellar actually lived that photo, having been evacuated for a week from her home due to a California wildfire, so she instantly related to the series. And she also loved how the show explores how isolated people feel despite living in a connected world and how hard it is to find your pack. "Initially, and he knows this, I was going to say no before I read it and then I started reading it and it was so good," she says. "I had to say yes."

Watch a new teaser revealed at New York Comic Con below:

Wolf Pack premieres Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 on Paramount+ for subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. The series will premiere the following day on Friday, Jan. 27, 2023 for subscribers in the U.K., Australia, and Latin America. Premiere dates for other Paramount+ international markets will be announced at a later date.

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