Kathy Burke praised for ‘woke’ rant after Amanda Holden’s Paul O’Grady remark

Kathy Burke has told young people to “be woke” as she called out people who use of the term as an insult.

In a recent episode of her Channel 4 documentary series Kathy Burke: Growing Up, the comedian explored the topics that matter to young people today.

After meeting with a climate activist, Burke said: “I think activism is a part of being young, and it’s important that the young show us what their p***ed off about.

“It’s not a fad and it’s not ‘wokeism’,” Burke continued, mimicking large air quotes. “Can I just say, that gets on my f***ing nerves.

“They’re calling you ‘woke’ if you call out bad things, basically. If you’re not racist, you’re woke. If you’re not homophobic, oh, you’re woke. Be woke, kids. Be woke. Be wide awake and f***ing call it out.”

The clip was circulated online, with journalist Neil Mackay writing: “Applause to the great Kathy Burke.”

“All hail @KathyBurke,” one commenter wrote. “If anyone ‘accuses’ you of being woke, say thank you and feel proud. Giving a shit is being weaponised. Caring about social injustice shouldn’t feel like an insult. Go woke or go home.”

Many fans shared the clip while referencing recent comments made by Amanda Holden, who claimed this week that the late Paul O’Grady “was not woke in any way” as he had “massive opinions”.

“This one’s for @AmandaHolden via @KathyBurke,” one commenter wrote, reposting the footage.

The term “woke” originally comes from African-American culture, meaning being alert to racial prejudice.

However, in recent years it has been used to more broadly refer to awareness of social prejudice.

According to the Collins Dictionary, a “woke” person is described as someone who is “very aware of social and political unfairness”.

Kathy Burke: Growing Up is available to stream on Channel 4 now.