Witness a love story, in a participation trophy age, between a woman and her fantasy championship trophy

There is no bond deeper than that of a man or woman and their fantasy football championship trophy.

Winning a fantasy football championship is a beautiful occasion. It’s a moment to cherish, gloat and if your league is respectable enough to award a trophy, commemorate the moment with a professional photo shoot.

After winning her fantasy league title, DC resident Tristan White posed for portraits with the league championship trophy. White’s theme for her shoot of mommy-baby portraits is what has caught everyone’s eye. It’s no Shiva from The League, but you wish somebody looked at you the way she looks at that trophy.

Via Bored Panda:

Trisha started playing fantasy football in 2009 when her then-boyfriend suggested she give it a try.

“Like most midwest girls, I started watching football with my dad when I was little,” she said. “Playing fantasy makes you see the game in a whole new way. You don’t know the meaning of love for football until you have your own team.”

“The shoot was a breeze,” according to the photographer, Karen Ramsey. “Trisha struggled with trying to look maternal but the ‘baby’ wasn’t fussy and could hold a pose for as long as I needed to get the shot.”

In this participation trophy culture, even James Harrison would approve of this outpouring of love for an inanimate object.

Unfortunately, if this is like most fantasy football leagues that reward the same trophy to a new winner after every season, the goodbye photos will be real tearjerkers.

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