Wingmate Unveils App Based CRM That Uses Incentives and Gamification to Make Sales More Collaborative

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - December 6, 2022) - Canadian company, Wingmate, has unveiled its app-based CRM that makes sales more collaborative with a transparent and gamified approach and built-in incentives. In most companies, sales have been largely left to the sales team. Wingmate is seeking to change this by making members of other departments, especially those on the front line like delivery men, service technicians, and field sales staff, a part of the sales process.

Wingmate's app makes it possible for such staff to take pictures with their phone and report such leads even while they are on the go. There is no need for inputting any data or for pen and paper, as the app offers geolocation and voice-to-text features for adding notes. This blurs the boundaries that currently exist between the frontline and the office.

The app has an interface that allows the management team to set targets, review the leaderboards, and reward the top performers. It also minimizes the possibility of wasting leads, as every lead can be tracked in real time. The app can be used to support not just the sales function but also to report any complaints, deficiencies, or issues to further improve levels of customer service. The streamlined nature of the app ensures that communication is timely and followed up effectively by the sales or service team. Companies can reward employees who report leads through a system of trackable bonuses that are displayed on the app as the deals close.

Companies using Wingmate enjoy a data advantage and can integrate the app seamlessly with Wingmate's proprietary CRM solution. The CRM has a simple interface that is customized for service businesses. It can also be easily integrated with more than 500 other CRMs. The data collected for sales purposes can be used across various teams to further improve performance and drive a more intelligence-driven approach.

Concluded Matt Leuschner, the President, CEO & Co-founder at Wingmate, "Companies using a siloed approach to sales are limiting their growth potential. Businesses that focus on making sales more collaborative, ultimately win more. It does not matter whether it is from someone out in the field or on the sales team. Integration and accountable communication are the name of the game now. Our intuitive model of collaboration, gamification, and incentivization has helped many organizations recruit staff like drivers, routes and technicians as their eyes and ears on the ground to generate leads and thus drive new revenue."

About Wingmate

Wingmate has developed a cloud-based solution that makes it possible for everyone in an organization to contribute sales leads - starting with those in the field. The app simplifies communication from the frontline through its online platform. With a gamification approach and reward system, companies can use the platform to switch to a more collaborative approach to sales and service.

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