Give Wine A Rest And Try Pairing Goat Cheese With A Cold Beer

Sliced goat cheese
Sliced goat cheese - Wenkang Shan/Shutterstock

While bottles of wine are a common pairing with luxurious cheese spreads and charcuterie boards, it's always fun to experiment with untraditional combinations. When it comes to goat cheese, light, and fruity white wines, such as sauvignon blanc or a chardonnay, are some of those standard drink pairings. Still, hops enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised to know that this tangy white cheese also goes quite well with a nice, cold beer.

Unlike mild blocks of Swiss or brie, goat cheese typically has a strong, tangy taste, and can hold its own when paired with heavier beverages like beer. This means you can combine it with a whole slew of brews from all across the spectrum. Beer easily cleanses your palette between bites of this soft cheese too, gently clearing out your mouth with its gentle bubbles as you sink your teeth into the soft, milky fat.

Plus, while cheese and wine are a popular pairing, and goat cheese is no exception, this particular kind tends to be quite acidic. This means equally acidic drinks like wine might not be the best match for goat cheese after all, as the acidity levels become too overwhelming.

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Which Type Of Beer You Should Pair With Goat Cheese

Beer pouring into glass
Beer pouring into glass - Kovtun Dmitriy/Shutterstock

Cheeses go best with wines that come from the same region, as the matching environmental conditions often make for a harmonious pairing. That same logic applies to your goat cheese and beer. Take note of where your goat cheese comes from and opt for a beer that's been crafted in the same or a similar region.

Another factor to keep in mind when pairing goat cheese with a beer is that neither indulgence should overshadow the other. When it comes to this type of cheese, its characteristic soft texture and intense tangy flavor pair well with a lot of beers, from robust and chocolatey porters to agreeable blond ales.

Still, because this cheese is quite sharp, it's best to lean toward a mellow beer to bring some balance into the equation. As previously mentioned, sweet white wines are a common pairing with goat cheese, so similar choices like a sweet or sour beer will pair well with it too. Stay away from equally intense choices like West Coast IPAs or bitter ales.

Other Ways To Elevate Your Charcuterie Board

Beer and a cheese plate with meat
Beer and a cheese plate with meat - Apomares/Getty Images

Every goat cheese is different, so pay attention to your cheese's distinct characteristics when choosing a beer. Then, from there, you can take your charcuterie board experience even further with more complimentary pairings. Goat cheese's creamy textures would do well when paired with hard, dried meats like salami or chorizo. The innate smokiness and saltiness of these proteins can also bring a nice contrast to a cold, crisp beer.

Crunchy wheat crackers or multigrain bread would also provide a nice surface to spread goat cheese on and a sweet blackberry jam could tie it all together with a hint of depth and sweetness. Other fresh fruits like sliced peaches or nectarines could introduce a mild sweetness that cuts through the intense tanginess of the cheese. Add some rosemary and figs on your board for visual appeal and you've got a well-rounded spread ready to impress.

Ultimately, there are so many other ways to get creative with this cheese pairing, so don't be afraid to experiment and try something new.

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