Update| Kennewick parkway reopens after crews get control of wind-driven wildfire

Firefighters contained a wind-driven blaze that started near the Bob Olson Parkway on Tuesday afternoon.

Smoke was likely to continue to be seen coming from the fire that consumed about 20 acres of grass and sagebrush, Kennewick’s Deputy Chief Michael Heffner said.

It’s still not clear what started the blaze about 12:40 p.m. Tuesday near the street. Firefighters initially found about an acre burning when they arrived, according to dispatch reports.

Steady 20-mph winds, with gusts near 30 mph, pushed the fire, Heffner said. While it spread toward Interstate 82, fire crews stopped it before it threatened the highway. No structures were threatened, either.

Firefighters were continuing Tuesday evening to douse some hot spots and make sure it didn’t spread.

Bob Olson Parkway reopened after it was shut down between between 15th Place and about a mile west of Sherman Street.

Investigators were still working to determine the cause.

Heffner asked people not to call 911 if they see smoke around that fire because it’s likely to continue smoldering for a while. He said it was a similar situation to a large fire that burned near the same street in late June.