Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Andy Murray vs James Duckworth latest score, updates from Centre Court

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Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Andy Murray vs James Duckworth latest score, updates from Centre Court

Wimbledon 2022 - LIVE!

Andy Murray does not always make life easy for himself at Wimbledon.

But after dropping the first set on his return to Centre Court, he eventually recorded a relatively straightforward 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 opening-round victory over James Duckworth to come off court a good hour and a half before Wimbledon’s 11pm curfew.

While the two players’ careers have taken different paths, there are parallels between them. After the Australian Open, Duckworth underwent hip surgery - the ninth operation of his professional career - as Murray did three-and-a-half years ago.

Prior to Wimbledon, Duckworth had suggested he was still a few weeks away from full fitness while, in contrast, the question marks around Murray had, for once, been less about his hip than the abdominal strain he sustained in the final of the Stuttgart Open.

He put those concerns to one side though to get off to a winning start and his attentions will not turn to big-serving John Isner in the second round.

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  • Battling win for Murray in four sets!

  • Murray cruises to third set

  • Murray responds to win level things up

  • Duckworth takes opening set 6-4

Full match report

21:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

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21:50 , Matt Verri

John Isner sent down 54 aces in his win today, getting broken just once across the five sets.

Murray knows exactly what to expect from the American, who he has an 8-0 record against. Brit will fancy his chances of extending that.

Next up - John Isner

21:42 , Matt Verri

Murray’s post-match reaction

21:39 , Matt Verri

“It’s amazing to be back out here again with a full crowd. Amazing atmosphere.

“I’m getting on a bit now, I don’t know how many more opportunities I’ll get to play out here. I make the most of every chance I get on this court.

“Hopefully I get another chance in a couple of days.”

21:38 , Matt Verri

Well he had to work hard for that, but it’s a really good win in the end. Plenty of positive signs for Murray.

Huge reaction from the Brit at the end - means so much to him playing here.

Game, set, match! Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 Duckworth

21:36 , Matt Verri

Massive ovation for Murray as he steps up to serve for the match. Similar reaction as he takes the first point.

Duckworth not giving up on this yet though, up to the net and puts away the volley. 15-15.

Two big forehands from Murray, the second doesn’t come back. He’s two points away now. Big first serve, returns lands out. Murray has two match points!

Sealed with an ace.... no! Celebrations are underway but it’s been called out. Everyone settle down! Second serve called in but Duckworth has challenged - if he’s wrong it’s game over.

IT’S IN! Murray beats Duckworth 4-6 6-3 6-3 6-4 to reach the second round!

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 *5-4 Duckworth

21:30 , Matt Verri

Duckworth nets the backhand, responds with a massive first-serve though. Murray with a hopeful challenge - it missed all the line, though that was because the ball was three inches inside it.

Here we go, Centre Court react as Murray makes it 15-30. Big, big point coming up.

Double fault! Disastrous timing from Duckworth and Murray has two break points! One saved with a backhand that Murray can’t get back in play.

The second... IS TAKEN! Another double fault and Murray will serve for the match!

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 4-4* Duckworth

21:27 , Matt Verri

Nervy moments in this set. One mistake from Murray and we could be going to a fifth, but a slip-up from Duckworth and the match could swiftly be over.

The Brit is very confident that a lob from Duckworth is sailing long and it just about does. We’ll call that good judgement, though there wasn’t much it.

Another Murray ace, his 14th of the match. Swiftly followed by the 15th. A hold to love.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 *3-4 Duckworth

21:23 , Matt Verri

Frustration building for Murray slightly, as Duckworth is again perfectly accurate with the forehand.

The Australian then wills his drop shot over the net with a little skip and it listens. Murray can’t reach it.

Murray does get to this one but can’t do anything with it, over than flicking it out. Duckworth edges ahead.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 3-3* Duckworth

21:20 , Matt Verri

Murray does well to reach a crosscourt forehand from Duckworth, let alone to then send it dropping perfectly just over the net.

Ball girl has to dive for her life as Duckworth finds the frame of his racket with a return. Impressive reactions.

Double fault from Murray, just about gets the second serve in next point and Duckworth generously sends his return into the net. 40-15.

Ace from Murray and that’s another hold with minimal fuss.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 *2-3 Duckworth

21:16 , Matt Verri

Centre Court’s sole Duckworth fan is delirious as the Australian brings Murray to the net before his lob sails over the Brit’s head and lands in.

Ace out wide and it’s 30-0. More good work at the net from Duckworth, no room for Murray to find the pass. Good response from the Brit though, moves forward himself and puts the volley away.

Murray can’t return the serve, job done for Duckworth. Neither player getting much of a sniff of a break at the moment.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 2-2* Duckworth

21:13 , Matt Verri

Murray forced to scramble out wide, very grateful to see the ball fly long.

Duckworth watches an ace fly past him, before Murray is confident enough to let the ball go as he moves forward to the net. Good call, it flew out.

Another ace and that’s a comfortable enough hold.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 *1-2 Duckworth

21:09 , Matt Verri

That’s a stunning point from Duckworth. Slice stays so low, Murray does well to even get it back and Duckworth follows it up with a forehand that catches the line.

That’s not so good though - 15-30 and the crowd sense this could be a big moment for the Brit. Duckworth has other ideas though, Murray doesn’t move for the drop shot.

Duckworth goes for a 119mph second set, it’s long. Deuce. Might regret being so aggresive... Maybe not, if he’s going to hit big backhand winners.

One Duckworth fan is trying to take on the whole of Centre Court when it comes to support, and she’s doing a very good job. Roar of approval as her man holds to move ahead in the set.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 1-1* Duckworth

21:04 , Matt Verri

Murray not getting the ball toss right on a couple of occasions - still adjusting to the lights.

Duckworth looks for the backhand crosscourt, just wide, before Murray again strolls forward and produced a delightful volley.

Ace out wide and Murray is on the board in the fourth.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 *0-1 Duckworth

21:00 , Matt Verri

Confident start under the roof from Murray, moves forward to the net and once again it’s exquisite touch with the volley.

Familiar tactic, testing Duckworth with the overhead. This one almost hit the roof, but the Australian puts it away as the ball falls back down to earth.

Big hitting from Duckworth, Murray sends the forehand long and it’s an ideal start to the fourth set for Duckworth.

20:57 , Matt Verri

Quick warm-up done, time for the fourth set!

Duckworth to serve first - in for a late one if he’s going to win tonight.

20:54 , Matt Verri

Players are out having a bit of a warm-up on court, but it’s very dark now with the lights yet to be turned on.

Speaking off! Light beams down on Centre Court, the roof is shut and we will be underway in the fourth set very shortly.

20:48 , Matt Verri

It’s got very gloomy on Centre Court, so the roof will be closed. Play should be back underway in about ten minutes or so.

Duckworth won’t be too disappointed with this break, things were running away from him.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 Duckworth

20:45 , Matt Verri

Murray finds the net as heads in the crowd snap round to try and find the perpetrator of a phone ringing mid-point, to no avail.

That’s vintage Murray! Brilliant defence to keep him in the point, then chases down the drop shot and makes the pass.

Duckworth return lands long... 30-15. Murray two points away. Another unreturned serve and it’s two set points for the Brit.

Forehand whipped inside the line and Murray takes the third set 6-2! He’s really grown into this match.

Murray 4-6 6-3 *5-2 Duckworth

20:41 , Matt Verri

Duckworth wearing the chalk out - he’s having to just to try and stay in this set. He goes for a forehand winner crosscourt... flies well long.

109mph second serve followed up by a big forehand. Murray drops his shoulders as he watches that drop in.

The Brit sends his return into the net and that’s a hold for the Australian.

Murray will have a couple of chances to serve for the set.

Murray 4-6 6-3 5-1* Duckworth

20:38 , Matt Verri

Duckworth can doing as the ball lands right on the line and skids on low. He doesn’t have to do anything next point, as a Murray mishit loops long. The Brit in two minds between smashing his racket or using it to hit his own leg. Opts for a bit of both.

Bit of a danger at 15-30, but Duckworth sends a forehand long and Murray then brilliantly chases down a drop shot before finding the pass. 40-30.

Deuce - Duckworth backhand flicks off the top of the net and lands in. Murray moves a point away from a hold, but he’s pegged back by an absolutely massive backhand down the line from the Australian. And again, this time the forehand unleashes a monstrous winner.

Two big first serves and Murray holds!

Murray 4-6 6-3 *4-1 Duckworth

20:27 , Matt Verri

Murray starting to really dominate the rallies, finishing this one off with a confident overhead.

Duckworth tries to come into the net but he quickly finds the ball at his feet and can’t respond. 0-30 and Murray has a real chance hear.

Or not. Ace and the Brit barely moves. Duckworth with the unforced error this time, 15-40. Murray with two chances to move a double break up in the third.

A hopeful challenge from Murray, as an ace whistles past him. Not going to get any success from that. Gets the job done at the second time of asking though, big roar to his box!

Murray in complete control now.

Murray 4-6 6-3 3-1* Duckworth

20:23 , Matt Verri

Ace from Murray to start the game, and he then decides that’s too easy. Underarm serve is whipped out! Duckworth gets there, but he can’t make proper contact as Murray follows it up with the lob. Successful change-up from the Brit!

More conventional since then, backhand fired long though from the Brit. 40-30. And again, deuce. Duckworth slipped mid-point but managed to recover in time.

Murray to the net, and it’s a brilliant volley. Duckworth can’t catch up with it. Australian then sends his return into the net and it’s a hard-fought hold for Murray!

Murray 4-6 6-3 *2-1 Duckworth

20:17 , Matt Verri

Centre Court a bit premature with the celebrations, as Murray drops the ball over the net. Duckworth gets there but his flick lands wide. The Brit then gives Duckworth another testing overhead, he’s up to the task. 30-15.

Bit of frustration starting to show from Murray - met with a “head up Andy” from the crowd. Duckworth forehand looks to be long and, after his challenge, he knows it is too.

Drop shot from Duckworth, even better drop shot from Murray! Break point for the Brit.

Murray breaks! Duckworth’s backhand finds the net and Murray lands the first blow in the third set.

Murray 4-6 6-3 1-1* Duckworth

20:13 , Matt Verri

Murray this time sends a smash halfway up the net. Neither player looking particularly comfortable with that shot.

Nothing uncomfortable about that though - an 122mph ace followed by an 124mph ace. That levels it up in the third set.

Murray 4-6 6-3 *0-1 Duckworth

20:10 , Matt Verri

Early chance here for Murray, as a Duckworth forehand doesn’t find the line. 0-30.

The Australian needs a couple of attempts at the overhead, Murray keeps lobbing it back up. Eventually the smash is sent up towards the royal box.

Two break points now though, crucial moments in the match. Duckworth’s first serve sends some chalk flying up - perfect. Again Murray launches the ball into the sky... it drops inches beyond the baseline. Deuce.

Massive scream of frustration from Murray as another Duckworth serve proves too good. And again. Impressive hold from the Australian.

20:05 , Matt Verri

Both players go off court at the end of the second set.

Been a high-quality match so far, Duckworth has made it really tough for the home favourite. Big serves, big groundstrokes, lovely touch at the net... decent combination.

They’re back out now - Duckworth to serve at the start of the third.

Murray 4-6 6-3 Duckworth

20:02 , Matt Verri

A comfortable hold to see out the set or a late twist?

The former is the favourite, as an unforced error from Duckworth and then an unreturned first serve move Murray 30-0 up.

First serve out wide doesn’t come back, three sets points for Murray.

One is needed! Duckworth’s slice finds the net and it’s one set all on Centre Court.

Murray 4-6 *5-3 Duckworth

19:59 , Matt Verri

So then, Duckworth serving to stay in the second set.

Good start - two big first serves and he doesn’t need to hit another shot. Net cord nearly directs the serve into Murray’s face, he has to quickly get the racket up in self-defence.

Duckworth with a perfect lob, not for the first time, before a lovely drop volley seals the hold. Not even Murray and his speed could get close to it.

Murray 4-6 5-2* Duckworth

19:56 , Matt Verri

Got to consolidate the break now. Duckworth sends the return into the net, met with a groan as soon as it left his racket.

Nothing he could do about that though, big ace. 30-15. First serve has really turned up when he needs it, hold is sealed with another ace.

Murray one game away from levelling this match up at one set apiece.

Murray 4-6 *4-2 Duckworth

19:52 , Matt Verri

Murray guesses correctly, looks to be there in enough time to go for the pass but opts for a lob instead. Easily put away by Duckworth.

Big forehand down the line from the Brit, 30-15. Needs to start making an impact on the Duckworth serve again.

That certainly helps, two brilliant backhand passes and he takes it to deuce. Crowd get involved.

Another punishing rally, forehand off the frame of Duckworth’s racket and it lands long. Break point Murray!

HE TAKES IT! Duckworth again with the error at the end of a long rally and Murray has the break.

Murray 4-6 3-2* Duckworth

19:46 , Matt Verri

Return from Duckworth is too short, Murray can stride forward and wait for Australian to commit before sending the forehand the opposite way.

Lovely sliced drop shot from Duckworth gets him on the board in the game, but Murray secures the hold with a brilliant crosscourt forehand that catches the line.

Murray 4-6 *2-2 Duckworth

19:43 , Matt Verri

Duckworth’s turn to get a couple of free points on serve. 129mph ace then makes it 40-0.

Murray flicks a backhand long and in the blink of an eye the Australian has held. Still on serve in the second set.

Murray 4-6 2-1* Duckworth

19:40 , Matt Verri

Once again Murray races ahead on his service game, with an ace sandwiched by two Duckworth slices into the net.

The Brit is on the run, but Duckworth sends the forehand just long and it’s another comfortable hold for Murray.

Murray 4-6 *1-1 Duckworth

19:38 , Matt Verri

Backhand pass is decent from Murray, but the drop volley in response from Duckworth is too good.

Mammoth rally - both players eventually get bored of the slice battle. Duckworth to the net, this time the backhand crosscourt is good enough from Murray. 15-30.

Frames the return though, easy for Duckworth. 133mph ace to follow too, but a beautiful drop shot from Murray takes it to deuce.

Murray launches the ball into the sky, Duckworth sends the smash straight into the net. Break point Murray. Almost a carbon copy, but this time the Australian makes no mistake.

Duckworth brings Murray forward with the drop shot, puts away the volley and it’s a hard-fought hold.

Murray 4-6 1-0* Duckworth

19:29 , Matt Verri

Murray to serve at the start of the second set - first serve gets him to 40-0 in no time at all.

And an ace to seal a hold to love. As comfortable a game as the Brit could wish for.

Murray 4-6 Duckworth

19:25 , Matt Verri

So, Murray needs to find a break of serve here or he’ll be falling a set behind.

Unforced error from Duckworth gives the Brit a good start to the game, but the Australian responds by dispatching the forehand. 15-15.

Chance now for Murray... serve and volley goes wrong. 15-30. Brit then furious though as he sends the return long two points in a row.

Set point Duckworth. And he takes it! Forehand finds the line and Duckworth has won the opening set 6-4.

Murray 4-5* Duckworth

19:21 , Matt Verri

Murray will have a third go at a first serve, as they first two clip the net. That one is out - he’ll need a ‘fourth’ serve. Well-worked point from Duckworth, forces the error from the Brit.

Massive return from Duckworth, called in but Murray challenges, more in hope than expectation. Comfortably in. 30-30.

Big point coming up... Duckworth wins it after a long rally as Murray sends the forehand halfway up the net. Break point for the Australian.

TAKEN! Return is too good and Duckworth breaks. He will serve for the first set.

Murray *4-4 Duckworth

19:16 , Matt Verri

Duckworth slips on the baseline at a terrible point in the rally - not that there’s ever a great time. Can only loop it up and Murray’s backhand does the rest. 15-30. Break here and the Brit will be serving for the set...

That’s long from Murray though, who then sends his return into the net. 40-30. And again, Duckworth holds.

Murray 4-3* Duckworth

19:12 , Matt Verri

Duckworth with a challenge, as the ball lands right on the baseline. Murray looks up to his box for any clues - they’re all blinded by the sun. It was in though, Duckworth got that one wrong. 30-0.

First double fault of the match from Murray, but Duckworth then sends a backhand straight into the net. He was almost groaning in frustration before the ball left his racket.

Big serve out wide doesn’t come back and Murray edges ahead in the set once more.

Murray *3-3 Duckworth

19:08 , Matt Verri

Lovely winner from Murray, quickly followed by an ace from Duckworth. The Australian’s first-serve has been a serious weapon so far.

Murray in control when they get into a rally though, as Duckworth dumps a forehand into the net. The response? Another unreturned first serve. 40-30.

Copy and paste that last bit. A hold for Duckworth to level things up.

Murray 3-2* Duckworth

19:04 , Matt Verri

Groundstrokes from Duckworth not quite as accurate as they were in the opening couple of games. Two unforced errors are followed by an ace and Murray quickly moves 40-0 up.

Three flat backhands crosscourt in a row, the pressure eventually tells and that’s a comfortable hold to love.

He moves ahead in the set again.

Murray *2-2 Duckworth

19:01 , Matt Verri

Another ace for Duckworth but it’s followed by a backhand into the net. ‘Come on’ from Murray, he senses a chance to break straight back at 15-30.

He’ll definitely sense in now, return drops right at the feet of Duckworth and he can do nothing with it. Two break points Murray.

Big first serve out wide gets the Australian out of trouble with the first. Not the second though, slice into the net and Murray has broken back!

Murray 1-2* Duckworth

18:57 , Matt Verri

Two perfect lobs in a row from Duckworth, the second setting up an overhead at the net and it’s 0-30. Pressure being put on the Murray serve.

Massive forehand down the line from the Australian, three break points for Duckworth.

The Brit is struggling to find a first serve at the moment and he then nets to give Duckworth a break to love.

Murray *1-1 Duckworth

18:53 , Matt Verri

First serve of the match for Duckworth, first ace. File that under ‘confidence booster’.

Net cord forces Murray to scramble, he gets there and produces a lovely drop shot. 30-30. Long rally then ends with Murray guessing Duckworth’s smash correctly, makes no difference though as it bounces into the crowd.

Australian comes to the net, can’t make the volley and it’s deuce. Couple of Murray shots float wide and it’s an opening hold for Duckworth.

Murray 1-0* Duckworth

18:48 , Matt Verri

First shout of ‘come on Tim’, Murray knows Wimbledon has well and truly arrived now.

Both players with a couple of mishit forehands early on - nothing mishit about that winner from Duckworth though. And another one, 30-30.

Duckworth with a little skip as he tries to send a delicate volley over the net, not enough on it. Slice is tame next point and that’s a hold for Murray. He’s up and running.

18:44 , Matt Verri

Murray to serve first as Centre Court falls silent.

Murray back on Centre Court for another year...

18:43 , Matt Verri

18:37 , Matt Verri

Murray and Duckworth out on court, huge reception for the Brit as you’d expect.

He showed great form in Stuttgart earlier this month - key is just how fit he is though.

18:28 , Matt Verri

Players will be out on court in about 10 minutes for the final match of the day on Centre Court.

Be a decent one for the Brits overall - time for Murray to keep the momentum going!

What a match!

18:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

Absolute royalty

18:06 , Jonathan Gorrie


17:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Like Raducanu, there are ongoing fitness concerns over Murray, who will likely not be in the best physical condition this week.

But if his body holds up, and with coach Ivan Lendl back in his corner, the three-time Grand Slam champion will fancy his chances of a decent run at SW19 this year after a favourable-looking draw.

Duckworth has the potential to pose problems, but his form so far this year has been dreadful and he awaits his first non-qualifying victory of 2022.

It shouldn’t come here. Murray to win, potentially in straight sets.

Head to head record

17:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Murray has won both previous encounters between these two players.

The first was a four-set victory on his Grand Slam return at the 2018 US Open, while he also beat the Australian 6-3 6-4 at the 2019 Brisbane International in his match for four months.

How to watch

17:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

TV channel: On Monday, the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage begins on the Red Button from 11am, with the BBC One programme commencing at 1:45pm.

Live stream: TV licence fee-payers can also stream all the tennis action live online over the next fortnight via the BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport website and app.


16:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

Good afternoon and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon opener against James Duckworth.

Their match will get underway after Emma Raducanu faces Alison Van Uytvanck, which began at 5pm BST.

Matt Verri is on Centre Court to bring you live updates.

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