Williams Racing x ULTRA To Celebrate Legendary Racers With “Lap of Legends” TV Special


Michelob ULTRA and Williams Racing are teaming up for a one-of-its-kind television special in honor of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The brand and auto team are celebrating the race, a momentous occasion in the racing industry with a television special titled Lap of Legends.

Using AI, the show will see one real professional race car driver face off against generative Williams racers from throughout the British team’s history.

Set at the Silverstone Circuit in Towcester, UK, the special will celebrate 45 years of Williams, along with the legendary racers that have competed for them over the years. One current Williams racer will embark on the 16 lap race, competing against “phantom drivers,” who will include Jenson Button, Jacques Vileneueve, Mario Andretti and more, all of whom were generated using AI.

ULTRA and Williams say that they analyzed thousands of hours of racing footage to make the virtual drivers. The AI versions mimic not only their original cars but also the drivers’ unique strategies and techniques on the track.

Lap of Legends will air on AMC and BBC America, along with Roku, in Spring 2024.

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