Wife records husband’s emotional reaction to trick-or-treaters: ‘We take for granted what we have’

A husband’s emotional reaction to Halloween is going viral on TikTok — and inspiring millions to view the holiday in a whole new way.

Married couple Yoel and Mari (@yoelandmari) gained over 10 million views, 2 million likes and nearly 20,000 comments after they uploaded the footage the day after Halloween.

Now, much like the heartbroken husband who “just wanted to be a dad,” Yoel’s emotional video is touching hearts all around the world.

After Yoel emigrated from Cuba to the United States two years ago, he and his wife, Mari, set out to capture all of his special “firsts” in the U.S. — moments like opening his very first Christmas presents or trying Popeyes chicken for the first time.

By documenting Yoel’s reactions to these seemingly ordinary things — things we perhaps tend to take for granted in the U.S. — the couple aim to “inspire humans to see immigrants, and immigrants to see hope,” according to their YouTube bio.

While this is Yoel’s second Halloween in America, he still can’t seem to get enough of the spooky but sweet holiday.

“I feel so good when the kids come to get candy. It’s happiness. … I’m so happy seeing a neighborhood like this. With colors, the kids dressed up, getting candy. … It’s amazing for me,” Yoel says in the now-viral footage, eyes brimming with tears, smiling from ear to ear.

But it’s not just holiday fun that touches Yoel’s heart. According to his wife, Mari, he’s been known to record and send to his family videos of everyday objects that many of us probably don’t think twice about — like light poles. “The joy and pain of being an immigrant,” Mari writes.

Over 20,000 TikTokers reacted to Yoel’s emotional Halloween footage in the comments.

“His reactions make me appreciate the simple things like this that most take for granted,” one user wrote.

“I adore your husband, seeing things through his eyes for the first time. We take for granted what we have,” another user commented.

“What a beautiful soul. May we all have this level of gratitude & appreciation for all the things — even the things that seem so simple,” wrote another user.

“The fact that I’ve never even thought about Halloween from this perspective. It really is a beautiful thing. Now im crying!” another user wrote.

“It’s so amazing being able to witness a man who is grateful to bless others 😭🥹I’m not crying. 😭,” commented one user.

Thanks to Yoel’s viral video, TikTokers may never see Halloween the same way again.

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