Wife quietly plays lottery game as her husband sleeps – then she has to wake him up

As Kimberly Stone played an online lottery game in Virginia, she thought back on her lack of luck.

Why can’t I ever win one of these big jackpots?” she thought to herself.

The Nathalie woman quietly played the game as her husband slept, holding out hope her luck would change, according to a Dec. 7 news release from the Virginia Lottery.

Then she saw the winning jackpot symbols – and had to wake her husband.

“Are you playing with me?” her husband asked her, not believing she had actually won.

Stone was looking down at a $327,061 prize.

She won Virginia Lottery’s The Lamp game jackpot, a prize that grows progressively as more players participate. The odds of winning a prize per game are 1 in 3.55.

When lottery officials asked if The Lamp was Stone’s favorite game, she said “It is now!”

Nathalie is about 220 miles southwest of Washington, D.C.

Many people can gamble or play games of chance without harm. However, for some, gambling is an addiction that can ruin lives and families.

If you or a loved one shows signs of gambling addiction, you can seek help by calling the national gambling hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or visiting the National Council on Problem Gambling website.

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