Wife hasn’t spoken to husband in a week, so he ‘makes her talk’ with household pranks

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This husband’s wife wouldn’t speak to him for a week. So he came up with a bit of a plan to get her attention.

Husband and wife Carlo and Maryana Moushikh share a TikTok account with over 341,000 followers. The duo is known for its funny antics. They’re not afraid of pranking each other or playing tricks on one another to prove a point. In one video, Carlo claimed Maryana had given him the silent treatment. So he decided to do some lighthearted retaliation.

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“My wife hasn’t said a word to me in a week,” he wrote in the caption. “Time to change that. If these don’t make her talk, the end will. This is how it’s done, fellas.”

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Carlo then went around the house making small but noticeable changes to the environment. He made the toilet un-flushable, switched a few of their lightbulbs off and made the garage door impossible to open. He took an ornament off their perfectly decorated Christmas tree, stole her tweezers and hid a framed photo of their dog.

The hilarious video received over 51.2 million views and 7.7 million likes on TikTok.

“I don’t know what happened, but I’m on her side,” a user joked.

“Praying for this one; he’s playing with fire,” another said.

“You’re about to have a never-ending conversation,” someone added, to which Carlo replied, “She might take my kidney, haha.”

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