Why do Texans love Buc-ee’s? It’s the reason Forbes has it No. 1 in customer service

Driving long stretches of highways, a clean bathroom and fuel top the list of reasons for a pit stop.

In Texas, everyone knows Buc-ee’s is king.

“Gas station bathrooms don’t exactly scream excellence. But for millions of drivers throughout Texas and the Southeast, nothing beckons them to the 44 Buc-ee’s travel centers more than the — really? — rest rooms,” according to an article on Forbes.com.

Now, the rest of the country knows.

Forbes named Buc-ee’s No. 1 in its newest list, Customer Experience All-Stars. The business magazine ranked 300 brands using a survey by HundredX that polled 120,000 people in the U.S. last year. Respondents gave 3.7 million impressions of more than 2,200 brands — from the company’s products, services and treatment of customers.

Among the superlatives survey respondents gave in praising Buc-ee’s were: “Amazing,” “Legendary,” “Pristine.”

Another respondent piled on: ““I’ve never seen a convenience store associated with shopping for gas that has artwork for sale in the entrance to the bathrooms — it’s like walking through an art gallery just to use the toilet.”

For most Texans, they’ve known this all along.