Why was Sex Education episode 5 dedicated to Shay Patten-Walker?

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Who was Sex Education's Shay Patten-Walker? Netflix

The fourth and final season of Sex Education just dropped on Netflix and it might be the most emotional one of all. Now, fans are wondering who Shay Patten-Walker was and why the fifth episode was dedicated to them?

The final series saw us say goodbye to Otis, Maeve, Eric and the rest of Moordale and one character, in particular, had a pretty bumpy journey this time round and that was Cal, played by Dua Saleh.

In episode five, when Cal starts to seriously struggle, a dedication pops up to Shay Patten-Walker. Here is who they were and their impact on Cal's storyline in Sex Education.

Who was Shay Patten-Walker?

Shay was a trans activist who sadly passed away in 2022 after taking their own life aged just 24.

They studied at the University of Greenwich, and worked as a speaker and facilitator for multiple LGBTQ+ and human rights organisations such as the Generation Equality Forum, UK Black Pride and more.

Rico Chance, director of TransActual – an organisation that helps increase trans visibility in politics and the media – said: “Shay was one of the pillars in the Trans/NB community. They knew everyone, loved everyone and supported everyone. Even at the age of 24, they were a youth worker, poet, public speaker and activist.

They used their voice to inspire, educate and empower, creating positive change and uplifting the community."

Why was Sex Education episode five dedicated to Shay Patten-Walker?

Shay worked as a consultant on Sex Education season four, helping with the stories of transgender and non-binary characters, such as Cal and presumably Abbi (Anthony Lexa) and Roman (Felix Mufti).

"I only learned at their memorial service that they worked with Netflix to create diversity on the screen, the humility on that one," said Rico in their post about Shay.

We don't think Sex Education would be the show it is without Shay.

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