Why Oprah Winfrey thinks Gayle King's grandson might say her name first: 'It's so easy to say'

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Oprah Winfrey couldn’t get enough of the baby talk when she caught up with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, gushing about her best friend Gayle King’s grandson.

Winfrey shared a story about King’s grandson, Luca Lynn Miller, during her appearance on DeGeneres’ eponymous talk show. Miller is the son of King’s 36-year-old daughter Kirby Bumpus, who shares the 8-month-old with husband Virgil Miller. Winfrey told DeGeneres that King is trying to get her grandson, which Winfrey called the “the cutest baby on Earth,” to call King a special nickname.

“‘Gaia,’ which means Mother Earth,” Winfrey said of the nickname. “I say, ‘You’re not Mother Earth. You’re not mother of the earth; you’re just one grandmother.”

Although Winfrey said “babies decide for themselves what they wanna call you,” the talk show icon admitted she’s trying to coax Luca to call Winfrey by her own nickname.

“Every time I see the baby, which I see the baby more than (King) does, every time we see the baby, I’m like ‘O, O, Auntie O,’ ” Winfrey said.

Winfrey added: “It’s so easy to say, ‘Auntie O.' So, I’m thinking the baby is going to say ‘Auntie O’ before the baby goes ‘Gaia,’ ” to which DeGeneres replied, “I think you’re correct.”

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King previously said she’s “wanted to be a grandmother for a long time” and that she’s “over the moon” with her first grandchild.

“It's really something when you see your own child become a parent,” said King while announcing Luca’s birth on “CBS This Morning” in September. “I am so nuts about him.”

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Baby Luca also has a special connection with "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," as King announced her daughter's pregnancy on the show in April 2021, revealing she'd “been keeping a list of baby names since even before she got married!”

King also told Oprah Daily in September that she's always wanted her daughter's firstborn to be a boy.

“I would have been thrilled either way, but I was so excited when I found out it was a boy because as the oldest of four girls, I always wanted a big brother for myself," King said at the time.

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