Why Kate Middleton Wore a Men’s Hoodie During That Farmers Market Outing

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

As Kate Middleton either privately recovers from surgery or perpetrates an elaborate hoax (who can say!), she's once again using her clothes to send a message.

During a recent outing with her husband, the Princess of Wales was spotted wearing black leggings and a sporty black pullover. Since this is the first video we've gotten of the her since Christmas 2023 (two grainy car pictures and a photo-editing mishap don't count for much these days), everyone has been scrutinizing the footage. And just a day later, the elements of her outfit have been identified and their meaning revealed.

<h1 class="title">The Duchess of Cambridge Joins England Rugby Training Session</h1><cite class="credit">Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images</cite>

The Duchess of Cambridge Joins England Rugby Training Session

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Her sweatshirt, which Page Six identifies as being a men's style and from a past collection, is merch for England's rugby team, with the rose logo by the clavicle and an orange—not, as it looks in the video, hot pink—trim and zipper. The princess became the royal patron of the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League in 2022, taking over from Prince Harry. As the outlet notes, England took on France over the weekend, so she might have been dressed up to watch the game (France won). UK tabloid The Sun notes that the Waleses were doing a little shopping after watching their three kids play sports, though who the paper's sources are is unclear.

A mix of concern and confusion have fueled speculation about Kate Middleton's condition ever since Kensington Palace announced her “scheduled abdominal surgery” earlier this year. Though the statement made it clear that she wouldn't be out and about before Easter (which hasn't happened yet), royal watchers were hesitant to take the information at face value, as the family is known to, well, be a little shady with the public and media, and vice versa.

Wishing Kate all the best.

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