Why Florida State QB said he felt ‘disrespected all day’ by Clemson defense

Jordan Travis entered the 2023 season as one of the most statistically successful quarterbacks in college football. He left the state of South Carolina on Saturday happy for a Seminoles victory but feeling “disrespected” about how the Tigers defended him.

No. 4 Florida State defeated Clemson 31-24 in overtime on Saturday.

“I feel like we were disrespected all day,” he told reporters after the game. “When you put one-on-one with Johnny Wilson or Keon Coleman, I feel like you have no respect for either the receivers or the quarterback.”

Per FSU, Travis began the year “as one of four active players nationally with at least 5,500 passing yards and 1,700 rushing yards.” The redshirt senior delivered a gutsy performance Saturday despite aggravating an injury, going 21 of 37 passing for 289 yards and two touchdowns.

His top wide receiver targets also delivered: Johnny Wilson caught five passes for 94 yards, and Keon Coleman added five catches for 86 yards and two touchdowns.

Coleman caught the game-winner in overtime, a 24-yard touchdown toss from Travis.

Travis was asked about Clemson’s defense opting to not rotate a safety over to help in coverage.

“I don’t think they believed I could make those throws,” he said. “I’m glad it ended up like that. I’m so glad it ended like that.”

Travis lamented missing some throws, “but we won the football game and we’re 4-0 so I’m very thankful.”

He did praise Clemson in his postgame remarks.

“Clemson’s always a special football team no matter if they’re ranked or not,” Travis said. “They’re a great coaching staff. They put their guys in the right position. They’re a tough football team, but we’re a tough football team, too.”

Mike Norvell postgame

Highlights from head coach FSU Mike Norvell’s postgame remarks:

“We knew Clemson’s back was against the wall and we would get everything they had. That’s what this game should be. It was really special.”

“I was asked about this game all throughout the summer. We know it’s a big game. That program the last decade has done a great job of being the benchmark of the league. To be able to come here on the road, it’s how I wanted it.”

On Jordan Travis’ toughness, playing through injury: “He’s an absolute winner. ... He stood up in the moment. ... Just a great example, for what he’s done and what he’s accomplished, it’s special.”

On being 4-0 with wins over LSU and Clemson: “We played two really good football teams. That team we just played, they’re talented. They’re gonna win a lot of games this season. ... Nothing is easy in college football. It’s all a challenge. We’ve done what we wanted to do. We wanted to get off to a fast start to the season.”