Why is everyone talking about a ‘low vibration plate’ on Twitter?

The internet cannot wrap its head around “low vibration plates” — a concept pioneered by influencer Stormy “Coach Stormy” Wellington.

A TikTok posted by Wellington’s friend Tammy Price went viral and definitely got a conversation going. In the clip, Wellington explained that her own plate of BBQ looked like “royalty,” while Price’s was on a “low vibration.” People on social media quickly rejected Wellington’s reasoning and poked fun at it.

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The issue was that Price’s plate had more food on it than Wellington’s.

“I would never eat a plate that looks like this. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do that to myself because I deserve better than that,” Wellington said. “It’s low vibration and you took it.”

Price explained that she felt like the server could put food on her plate, but she didn’t have to eat it, so what’s the problem?

“That makes you look bad. I’m a queen. A queen’s plate don’t look like that. If we put these two plates together and say who’s royalty, they would say this person,” Wellington said of her royal plate.

The response on social media was to roast Wellington’s point of view. Many people took pride in their so-called “low vibration plates.”

“Me with 3 low vibration plates,” @KKRE3M said, showing a photo of himself with three full plates of BBQ.

“My Low Vibration Plate>>,” @ricomiamii captioned a photo of a plate with wings, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and rice and beans.

“‘Low vibration plate’ has to be one of the absolute stupidest thing I witnessed today,” @theyonndon declared on Twitter.

“The combination of Twitter and Tiktok has an insane cultural impact. How, in less than a day, a third of the world already understands the reference ‘low vibration plate’?” @sandrepedia said in a Tweet.

“Imagine explaining to someone who only uses Instagram what a low vibration plate is,” @trinaathegoat joked on Twitter.

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