This is why Dwayne Johnson wants to marry Frances McDormand

Dwayne Johnson revealed his celebrity crush to Ellen Degeneres Tuesday, and it all started with a very heartfelt moment between his 16-year-old daughter, Simone, and a Golden Globe winner.

"Frances McDormand. She wins Golden Globe," explained Johnson, as he gave Degeneres the play-by-play. "She goes up there and- I love Frances, as we all do- she goes up, and she goes to speak, and right before she speaks, she turns around and walks backstage, like, to the back of the stage, and shakes Simone's hand out of the blue." Johnson also told Degeneres that McDormand's astonishing awareness to acknowledge his daughter on stage blew him away, because no other winner did. "She thanked everyone and turned around, thanked her. She gave her speech. Now, as she's walking off, Frances grabs Simone's hand, and she has the globe in this hand, she has Simone's hand in this hand, she kisses Simone's hand, and I was like 'Jesus.'"

McDormand's beautiful gesture to his daughter immediately formed a soft spot in Johnson's heart and, on top of the crush that he is now harboring for McDormand, he also had a message for the actress. "So, I gotta say this, to the world that's watching," stated Johnson. "Frances, we're gonna have to exchange numbers because, just between you and I, I know nobody else is watching, we're gonna get married. It's not gonna be weird, Lauren's down with it."

Our question is: How big is the rock?