Why Dune: Part Two didn't bring back an original character

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Why Dune: Part Two didn't bring back characterWarner Bros.

Dune: Part Two is largely faithful to the book, but it does make a major change by cutting out a notable character.

Stephen McKinley Henderson played Thufir Hawat in the first movie and despite Hawat having a role in the latter half of the book, he wasn't brought back for the sequel as a result of director Denis Villeneuve changing the focus of the story.

"I was in love with Thufir Hawat. It's a character that I absolutely adore," Villeneuve told Screen Crush.

"But I had to make the bold choice to make a Bene Gesserit adaptation, and to focus the movie on that sisterhood. I wish there was more Thufir Hawat. That's what I would say."

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In a separate interview, Villeneuve referred to the decision to cut Thufir Hawat from the movie was "one of the most painful choices" for him in adapting this story.

"When you adapt, there's always some kind of violence toward the original material. You have to change things, you have to bend, you have to make painful choices," he explained.

"I decided right at the beginning that I was making a Bene Gesserit adaptation. That meant that Mentats are not as present as they should be, but it's the nature of the adaptation."

Thufir Hawat's absence is not the only change from the book as Chani (Zendaya) is more independent and also makes a different choice at the end of the movie.

zendaya, dune part two
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Talking to Digital Spy before the movie's release, Zendaya teased that the future for Paul and Chani, if we get a third movie, "ain't pretty".

"I think it's far more than a love interest, so much as a complicated relationship that love gets in the way of," she outlined. "And how are these two characters going to reconcile with that? I don't know how they get over it. I don't know what their future holds."

Dune: Part Two is in cinemas now.

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