Why Claude Giroux is a winner with Senators

Justin Cuthbert explains why nearly $20 million in guaranteed earnings is a massive win for Claude Giroux.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Another winner is Claude Giroux. Pierre Dorion certainly fancies himself a winner, based on his self-satisfaction at the Ottawa Senators introductory press conference for Giroux. But I think the player did slightly better than the team, despite what has been such a rousing success of an offseason so far for Dorion and the Senators.

But that Giroux was able to bank $6.5 million for the next three seasons, another $20 million tacked onto his career earnings, or close to, I think is a windfall for him, because I'm not sure what to make of the last few years of his career. He could be drinking from the fountain of youth again with Alex DeBrincat, Brady Tkachuk, Tim Stutzle, Drake Batherson. He could easily meet the value tied to the deal, or he easily could not.

And the fact that he was able to bag 20 million, start his next life a little earlier by moving his family back to-- or, his hometown, or close to his hometown-- I think that's definitely a win for Claude Giroux. And hopefully it works out, because I think it would be very fun to see Giroux lift those young players in Ottawa and that top six that could do some serious damage next season.

It has been a brilliant offseason so far for Ottawa. The fact that they were able to get DeBrincat, they were able to get out from underneath the Matt Murray contract, and now getting Giroux-- lots to be excited about. [? But ?] lots to be excited about as well, over the last 24 hours, for Claude Giroux.

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