This is why Claire Danes's pregnancy made it hard for her to film 'Homeland'

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Claire Danes opened up about being knocked up, while filming Homeland.

Danes revealed that she's now well into her second trimester. However, when she was just in her first trimester, she was in-production for her hit series. "I was pregnant during the first trimester, which is kind of my least favorite phase because you just feel horrible," admitted Danes, while mimicking misery. "You just feel, just rotten. And you're not allowed to say why, and I was filming quite a lot, and just inadvertently like falling asleep all the time and it was embarrassing." Danes also shared one particular day on set, in which she was embarrassed after falling asleep on a crocheted bag that someone made for her. "She crocheted this amazing bag for me, which was so lovely," explained Danes. "But I just face planted on to the bag, this crocheted bag, in between takes as I was want to do. And it was time for my close up, and they're like, 'Claire, Claire, you got to go act.' And I sit up, and I have this, like, crocheted indentation all on the side of my face. It looked like I had third degree burns." Danes also told Jimmy Fallon that her team had to massage her face and get out a blow dryer to try to get the marks out of her face, which halted production "for a good half an hour." And on top of those challenges on set, Danes also shared one aspect of her job that the baby was definitely not down with.

During a recent ADR session, Danes was doing a lot of "intense breathing," which she said the baby did not like. She joked that her baby was communicating, "I need two things from you. And you are not providing one central thing. Oxygen, would be nice, right about now." But doesn't the baby know? That's show business!