Here’s why Charlotte owes a debt of gratitude to Julie Eiselt

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Julie Eiselt

Regarding “Eiselt: As I leave office, I see opportunities and regrets for Charlotte,” (Nov. 29 Opinion):

Charlotte owes a debt of gratitude to Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt.

She entered public service when she saw a need, not because of personal ambition. She led with pragmatism, maturity, intellect and compassion. She led without the highly charged partisan rhetoric that so often informs political theater these days. And she left office when she saw this part of her mission was complete.

Too many make politics a career and fail to make way for new leaders and new thinking. I hope we will see more of the example set by Eiselt’s leadership in local, state and national politics. I also hope we will see her again in the political arena.

Mike Clement, Charlotte

NC politics

My wife and I have been giving serious thought to leaving North Carolina. We love our home, friends and nature, but the political system is a disaster.

In defiance of the Leandro order, Republicans in the N.C. General Assembly are deliberately sabotaging public education. Education is deeply political because it challenges power.

Sadly, fear of science is the hallmark of ignorance. The many preventable COVID deaths around the state are evidence of this state’s children being denied their constitutional right to a sound education.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the political spectrum, we should all agree that schools should be given sufficient resources for them to perform their essential role in society successfully.

Jeffrey Reisberg, Charlotte

Madison Cawthorn

U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina’s 11th congressional district is a hero. The Observer has unfairly castigated this remarkable young man in its reporting. Cawthorn is a freedom fighter and a renegade in the Republican Party. He’s “killing it” in Washington. He’s a champion of the people of North Carolina and fighting for you from his wheelchair. God Bless Cawthorn.

Dick A. Richards, Salisbury

Vaccine mandates

Essential workers and many others must be vaccinated to keep a job and get a check. But the jobless don’t need to be vaccinated to keep getting unemployment checks, Medicaid, food stamps, stimulus payments, rent subsidies, — the list goes on. Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t proof of vaccination be a requirement for government benefits?

Dr. Charles Davant, Blowing Rock

Who’s to blame?

Some conservative politicians are calling the COVID-19 Omicron variant the “Midterm Election Variant.” Are we really supposed to believe that the whole world is in on a conspiracy to get Democrats elected? That’s just plain absurd.

It’s also wrong to blame President Biden because the virus hasn’t gone away, when it’s those who aren’t vaccinated who fuel its spread and ability to mutate.

Unlike many countries, the U.S. has enough vaccine for all of our citizens. But some refuse to get vaccinated out of selfishness, ignorance, or adherence to political conspiracy theories.

It’s long past time we trust the scientists and doctors who know more about viruses than politicians or TV pundits do. Educate yourself instead of relying on what people on TV tell you to believe.

Dianne Mason, Matthews

Dianne Mason
Dianne Mason

Military spending

Let’s take a small part of the bloated military budget and feed the hungry, house and clothe the homeless. What a novel idea! Use taxpayer money to help our own citizens, instead of buying bombs to kill people.

Ron Partridge, Albemarle

Too many deer

Regarding “‘Watch your animals.’ Video shows deer’s attack on Charlotte family’s dog,” (Nov. 26):

It is awful that a deer would attack a dog. It is also pretty terrible that deer eat and destroy plant life every hour of every day. Charlotte just has too many deer, seemingly more so each year. What’s our government’s plan to deal with this? One time I called 311 to ask about deer removal. “Only if it is dead,” was the reply. We need a better plan.

Alan Hamer, Charlotte

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