Why CarGuard's Trevor Smith Focuses on Customer Service

Car Guard
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Scottsdale, Arizona, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vehicle service contract providers act as vital lifelines to customers. But providing customers and their vehicles with an excellent protection plan at the best price possible is only half the story. Delivering the best possible customer service experience is the other key ingredient to meeting customer's needs.

Experienced Customer-First Adjustors

Aside from a house, the most important asset someone owns is their car. Not only can a breakdown seriously inconvenience a customer's life, but without adequate coverage, it can wreak havoc on their finances as well.

Trevor Smith started CarGuard to provide customers with peace of mind by protecting one of their most vital assets and ensuring they will be back on the road in no time at all. That's because responsive customer care is one of the benchmarks of success in this industry.

However, providing quality customer service goes beyond responsiveness. Hiring a fantastic team of expert adjusters who are also mechanics ensures that their claims are adjudicated fairly and gives customers the peace of mind that their adjustor knows what they are talking about.

Innovative, Customer-Friendly Plans

Many companies offer vehicle protection plans, but CarGuard is not your average auto warranty business. One of the best ways to serve customers, says CarGuard Trevor Smith, is to ensure customers have access to innovative protection plans without restrictive or limiting terms.

He built the company on the knowledge that customers value the ability to read contracts that offer the fairest terms and coverage possible and written in a language that customers can understand.

That's why all of CarGuard's contracts are written in a customer-friendly way, making them among the most pro-consumer plan providers available. Any vehicle service provider that cares about its customers will go to great lengths to ensure all customer experience elements are streamlined, fair, and fit their needs.

First-Day Rentals

Many auto warranty businesses won't get customers a rental unless repairs take longer than 4 hours. But CarGuard Trevor Smith knew that his customers would value a company that ensures access to a vehicle right away. After all, one of the biggest hassles of having an unexpected breakdown is having your day interrupted and your vehicle unavailable.

A good vehicle service contract provider understands this, so whether a customer's repair will take 2 hours or several days, CarGuard Trevor Smith thinks it’s good customer service to ensure you are back on the road with as few delays as possible.

Customer Friendly Limits of Liability

Competitive pricing practices allow businesses to keep their customers, and the service contract industry is no different.

Many auto warranty businesses have their bottom line at the top of their mind and not their customer's bottom line. CarGuard’s Trevor Smith thinks this is the wrong approach. That's why his company has spent so much time developing service plans that will actually benefit their customers.

At the end of the day, the art of customer retention is all about open and honest communication. Most administrators will hardly ever pick up the phone and talk to the customers about their claims. CarGuard knows this is a recipe for lost business. Interfacing with customers during every step of their claims ensures issues get resolved, and customers feel protected.

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