Why Bananas Aren't Always The Best Egg Substitute For Muffins

A batch of blueberry muffins
A batch of blueberry muffins - Alena_Kos/Shutterstock

A failsafe baked goodie that works as a healthy, tasty breakfast on the go, for lunch, or as a snack or treat is the humble muffin. Its size and nutritional value make it an easy choice for most people. And while eggs are certainly an important ingredient when making muffins of any kind -- especially these delicious smokey egg muffins -- they are not an ingredient that suits everyone. Some people may be allergic to eggs, while others may be vegan and, therefore, choose to skip using it in their recipes. What should you do in that case? Find an alternative, of course.

One tried and true alternative to using eggs in muffins that many will sing praises of is bananas. Just take a bite of these delectable banana muffins with chocolate chunks, and we are sure you'll agree. However, bananas aren't always the best egg substitute for all kinds of muffins, owing to their strong and unique flavor that may overpower the sponge. Avoid bananas when making muffins so that you don't end up making this rookie mistake.

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Why Bananas Don't Always Work

Muffins with bananas
Muffins with bananas - Yumehana/Getty Images

Bananas are a versatile fruit. They offer high nutritional value and a sweet, wholesome taste that helps fill you up for longer periods and stave off cravings. Unfortunately, despite all their benefits, bananas have a strong and sweet flavor, which can turn up in your muffins once they are cooked and ready to be eaten. While this is certainly not a problem when you're baking sweet muffins as a treat, it doesn't work when you're making savory muffins -- like these bacon-cheddar breakfast muffins.

Another possible issue that may crop up when you try to substitute eggs with bananas is that you could end up with lumps and visible chunks in your muffins if the fruit hasn't been properly mashed to an even and semi-liquid consistency. Do also keep in mind that muffins made with bananas or other mashed fruit don't have the same deep-brown color as those made with eggs or other egg substitutes. Mashed pumpkin or avocado may be better alternatives to bananas as their flavors are more subtle.

What You Can Use As Egg Substitutes

Muffins with yoghurt topping
Muffins with yoghurt topping - NoirChocolate/Shutterstock

Since mashed bananas don't always make the cut as an egg substitute for muffins, you may be wondering what else you could use. Fortunately, there are several other ingredients that could provide similar results without any of the problems of mashed bananas. For instance, a ¼ cup of silken tofu works surprisingly well as an egg replacement in savory muffins. Similarly, a ¼ cup of plain yogurt or buttermilk adds the moisture you need for your savory muffins if you're not planning to use eggs to make them.

The old-school mixture of vegetable oil, water, and baking powder will also work well in this scenario. If you like a dense and nutty flavor, you could explore using ground flaxseeds or chia seeds as an egg replacement in muffins. There are plenty of ways to get creative with cooking, so there is no need to feel restricted to using traditional ingredients if they don't suit you or you prefer not to use them. Don't be afraid to experiment!

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