Why Aldi's Chunky Guacamole Is Probably A Better Buy Than Trader Joe's

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Guacamole is a great thing to have hanging around your refrigerator, whether you use it as a dip for your favorite brand of chips or as an alternative spread for toast. Both Aldi and Trader Joe's have their own versions of chunky guacamole, but the Aldi option seems to offer more value when you compare the two. As a beloved discount grocery chain, Aldi strives to provide its devoted customers with great products at affordable prices. The chunky guacamole is no exception, especially when you compare it to a similar product found at Trader Joe's.

According to the Aldi website, a 15-ounce tub of chunky guac, which equals approximately 14 servings, retails for just $3.65. Conversely, the Trader Joe's website features a 10-ounce container of chunky guacamole for $4.49. The 10-ounce tub is good for about 9 servings, which illustrates what a bargain you're getting at Aldi. For $.84 less, you get 5 extra ounces and 5 additional servings.

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How Do Ingredients Compare Between The Two Brands?

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When it comes to packaged foods, it's often best to pick brands with fewer ingredients. Aldi's chunky guacamole definitely fits the bill with just nine simple ingredients listed on its label: Hass avocado, tomato, onion, lime juice, salt, serrano pepper, granulated garlic, and vinegar. Not only does the label keep it light in terms of ingredients, but you'll also notice that it's free of artificial flavors and chemical preservatives.

Trader Joe's chunky guac also keeps it simple when it comes to ingredients, and many elements found in the product are labeled as organic. The guacamole does contain calcium chloride, which is a preservative that prevents fruits and vegetables from falling victim to oxidation. While unlikely to cause any health issues, it's worth noting that Aldi's guacamole does not contain this preservative. And while that's a good thing for people seeking clean, wholesome foods, it can result in one unfortunate outcome.

What Do People Think About Aldi's Chunky Guac?

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On Facebook, a poster expressed love for Aldi's guacamole, albeit with a caveat. As stated by the shopper, "I love the container chunky guacamole but whatever I don't eat turns brown." Of course, brown guacamole isn't a problem unique to Aldi. Chemicals in avocados become oxidized when exposed to air, which can render the fresh green hue of guac a less pleasing shade. Mixing guacamole with other veggies, such as tomatoes, jalapeños, and onions, can reduce the rate of oxidation, as these veggies unleash chemicals of their own that stop avocados from turning brown.

Despite the tendency for Aldi guacamole to oxidize, shoppers aren't shy about professing their love for the stuff. On Reddit, a poster gave the product a high rating. "Quite spicy. Some nice chunks of guacamole...Guess would say 8/10." Another Reddit thread enthusiastically co-signed this sentiment, stating, "Honestly the best packaged guac in my opinion if you don't have the fresh stuff!" This just goes to show that Aldi is tops when looking to save money without sacrificing one bit of quality.

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