Who's 'badder' than Taylor Swift? A Nazi-fighting grandma, Malala Yousafzai, and other superstrong women, says Twitter

Twitter knows quite a few strong and powerful women besides Taylor Swift. (Photo: @xnulz via Twitter)

Powerful women are at the forefront of Twitter today, all thanks to one Taylor Swift fan.

Swiftie @xnulz tweeted “Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift” with a still of Swift’s power pose from the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Her original tweet was simply an attempt to compliment Swift. (I think we can all agree that between her mesh top and her dark lipstick, Swift does look pretty fierce in this photo.)

But fortunately for anyone interested in women’s history, the tweet took on a life of its own. The internet took her words quite literally, and commenters started to name women of all ages and backgrounds who are all, in fact, badass.

Shauna, aka @goldengateblond, may have started off the meme with her perfect response. “At 15, Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban for insisting that girls had the right to an education. At 17, she became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Price in history. At 18, she opened a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon,” she wrote. “Bad bitch” isn’t the first phrase that comes to mind when we think of Malala Yousafzai, but we have to admit, the term definitely applies.

Others followed Shauna’s lead and turned the tweet into an impromptu history lesson. People honored women who fought in wars, raised families alone, upended the status quo, and many more.

Some chose to post a shout-out to their own mothers and grandmothers. It turns out that Twitter users have some truly rad, Nazi-fighting, boundary-breaking women in their families.

Others used the tweet as an opportunity to post shout-outs about themselves. “I work, live, and raise my kids on my own, have done for 8 years, live with two mental illnesses that nearly literally killed me and made me unemployable,” wrote @TheRestlessQuil.

The entire thread should be required reading for any woman who needs a little morning inspiration — and that includes Taylor Swift fans.

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