Who is the best Prime Minister India has ever had? Your vote counts

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Are you ready for this week's poll question?

You told us who you thought was the best Chief Minister in India today; you also told us who you thought was the most beautiful film actress in India ever. 

Now we move back to politics and ask you about your thoughts on India's best Prime Minister.

These men (and woman) were dynamic, pathbreaking leaders who were adored by citizens. Many of them were skilled orators, and some were known for making controversial decisions. Some were assassinated while others retired from their roles and lived full lives before they died. However, they all continue to live on in the glorious story of India's progress over the years.

Vote for the best PM of India. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)
Vote for the best PM of India. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

We count down 10 of the most powerful Indian Prime Ministers, and ask you, readers, to select which of these you think was/is the best.

If your choice does not feature in this list, please do share this post on your Facebook/Twitter page and leave your comments there.

Here we go: you can pick up to 5 of your favourites.

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