White Sox fix 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzle that forgot they existed

Are the Chicago White Sox real, or merely a figment of our imagination? We have a vague memory of a Chicago baseball team not named the Cubs winning the World Series in 2005, but we can’t confirm that.

And you probably couldn’t blame us if we still weren’t sure after some research. A number of outlets have forgotten about the White Sox in recent years. ESPN did it. CBS did it. ESPN did it again. And again. And you get the point.

It’s gotten so bad that even non-sports entities have started to erase the White Sox from existence. That’s exactly what happened on “Wheel of Fortune” on Tuesday.

That seems to be a puzzle including all the major sports teams in Chicago. Only, they seem to be missing one from the list.

Don’t fret, though, the White Sox made sure to correct that error.

Ah, there you go. That’s the way it should be.

Or, at least, we think. At this point, all our memories of the Chicago White Sox are fading away faster than the siblings in “Back to the Future.”

We think Frank Thomas spent time with another team before joining the Oakland Athletics. And we can’t seem to remember what happened to promising prospect Paul Konerko after the Cincinnati Reds traded him away.

Were there ever two baseball teams in Chicago, we wonder? No. Can’t be. Two teams playing in the same city is ludicrous.

The White Sox were once again forgotten. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

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