The White Lotus 3: Huzzah, we already know some details about the new season

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We loved both series of The White Lotus, and have been pretty devastated ever since the most recent season ended in December. So what a treat this week, as we were given a key bit of news about the third series: where it will be set.

The report got us buzzing with excitement about The White Lotus all over again. So in preparation for the third series, which is, admittedly, months away, here’s everything we know about it so far.

What do we know about the location?

The big news is that according to “multiple sources close to the production”, Variety said that the next season of the show will be set in Thailand.

The first and second seasons were filmed at Four Seasons resorts, in Hawaii and then in Sicily, but it’s not yet known whether season three will be shot at the luxury hotel chain in Thailand too.

There are four Four Season hotels in Thailand: in Bangkok, in Chiang Mai, in the Golden Triangle and – the most likely spot for the next season if creator Mike White keeps with his sandy theme – in Ko Samui, which boasts one of the most exquisite beaches in the world.

What do we know about the plot of season three?

After season two came to a close, White said: “The first season kind of highlighted money, and then the second season is sex... I think the third season would be maybe a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at White Lotus.”

Speaking at the French TV festival Series Mania, HBO boss Casey Bloys said that White had, “just pitched us the idea and it’s great. It’s a really fun idea and he’s shown it’s possible.”

Plus, when a third season of the Emmy winning series was confirmed in November, HBO’s executive vice president Francesca Orsi said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to get the chance to collaborate on a third season together.”

Has production begun yet?

Production has not begun yet, but according to Variety, White has been spending time in Thailand.

Who is going to star in the series?

While speaking to Series Mania, Bloys also said that White was currently “casting people you know” in such a way that “allows you to rediscover them or see them in a new light”.

Given that the past two seasons have had almost brand new casts, except for Jennifer Coolidge, who almost certainly won’t be returning for a third season, we can only assume that Bloys means that a few stars will be in the cast of the new series.

It could also mean that a few familiar characters pop up within an otherwise new cast. The storyline with the husband of Coolidge’s character Tanya does, after all, need to be tied up. Also, some actors, such as Connie Britton (who played rich career-mum Nicole Mossbacher in season one) were apparently invited back onto the show.

“[White] wanted me to be in the second season, and there was an idea that I loved for the character,” Britton said to Deadline in July. “Our intention is to do it in the third season. A piece of casting didn’t work in the second season and we’re hoping to [do] that in the third season. I would love to see a spinoff on every character in that show.”

It could also mean that the third season will be a sort of All Stars show, with our favourite characters from the Hawaii holiday and the Sicily holiday bundled into one. Admittedly, it’s very unlikely but we can dream.

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