'Where's the beef?': The Goldbergs celebrate wacky '80s commercials

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Goldbergs celebrated the wacky commercials of the 1980s by recalling some of the best and also making their own.

The ’80s were loaded with great commercials. Whether is was an old lady asking “Where’s the beef?” or a guy named Earnest saying, “You know what I mean, Vern?”

The Goldbergs tried to bottle some of that advertising magic by making their own wacky commercials.

First there was Murray’s biggest competition, Formica Mike. He owns a formica-laminate furniture store and dresses as a king for all his commercials.

To compete with Mike, Murray made his own commercial. To Murray’s surprise, his brother Marvin hijacked the production and made a video featuring a furniture-cutting samurai, an astronaut, and a lifeguard.

The commercial was so wacky it was a huge success. They even shot a new version, adding Murray and wackiness.

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