Where to Watch F1 This Weekend, August 1 2021

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Photo credit: Lars Baron - Getty Images
Photo credit: Lars Baron - Getty Images

Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix
Sunday, August 1st - 9:00 a.m. EDT

Last time Formula 1 raced, the Hamilton and Verstappen rivalry that has defined the season finally degraded into actual on-track contact between the two. Red Bull has spent the two weeks since doing everything they can to keep the crash in the sport's conversation, all the way down to having test driver Alex Albon recreate his line through the corner on a filming day in their old car four full days after the race. Now that it has finally become clear that this attempt to turn a boil-over into a more serious penalty for Hamilton has not worked, Red Bull is trying with all of its might to move on as if this entire inter-race period never happened.

Unfortunately for them, tomorrow's starting grid is going to once again put Hamilton and Verstappen within a car-length of each other by turn 1.

Hamilton starts on pole for the weekend's race at Hungary by 4/10ths, a fairly notable margin for a Mercedes that has struggled to reliably and significantly outpace what was just six weeks ago a clearly faster Red Bull. He is joined on the front row by his teammate Valtteri Bottas, but of course the pair are followed immediately by Max Verstappen. It leaves the young Dutch ace in a perfect position to make a desperate move heading into turn 1 tomorrow, potentially extending the biggest conversation in motorsports yet again.

We should all hope Hamilton and Verstappen complete tomorrow's race without incident. Not just to ensure the safety and integrity of the sport, either; the Hungarian GP is the last round before a four-week Summer break. A clean race is the only thing sparing us from the stories that dominated the last two weeks go on for a full month before the series can get back to racing at Belgium.

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