Where’s the best place to have a good cry in Kansas City? Tell us your favorite spots

Times are tough. From the rising cost of living to war and chaos around the globe, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When that happens, we all need some place to let it all out.

That’s why we’re compiling a list of the best places in Kansas City to go have a good cry — and we want your suggestions.

Whether you most often find yourself letting the tears flow at your favorite local business, an impressive Kansas City landmark or in an unusual public place, The Star wants to hear about it.

We’ll combine some of the best suggestions into a guide for residents and visitors.

Here are a few ideas to get your brain working:

The green couch at Rochester: When you’re craving the vibe of an expensive therapist’s office but also want to be in a place that serves alcohol, look no further than the green velvet couch by the windows at Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company in the Crossroads.

The new aquarium at the Kansas City Zoo: If all the little kids at this newly opened aquarium can loudly wail while looking at a jellyfish, you can too. Jackson and Clay county residents can get in free through the end of December!

I-71: This isn’t the ideal place to cry, but it must be one of the most popular — because nothing makes you question what it’s all for like a highway with stoplights on it. Just make sure to pull over if the tears start blurring your vision. Safety first!

What are your favorite spots to have a good cry in Kansas City? Let us know through the form below or email the Service Journalism team at

Where’s the best place to have a good cry in Kansas City? Tell us your favorite spots