'Wheel of Fortune' divides fans with this 'unfair' and 'tricky' puzzle: Can you solve it?

Did "Wheel of Fortune" go too far with this obscure puzzle?

Some fans of the long-running game show think so, taking to Twitter to express dismay over an answer on Friday's episode.

During the final round, a contestant was left trying to answer a puzzle under the category "Person" with the following letters filled out: "_ O _ N _ _ N G P_ R T N E R."

The contestant was stumped.

The answer? If you were thinking along the lines of "FOUNDING FATHER," you're close, but not close enough. The answer was "FOUNDING PARTNER."

"Wheel of Fortune" fans discussed the merits of the puzzle on Twitter following the episode, with some defending the tricky answer and others expressing skepticism.

"@WheelofFortune founding partner is not a thing: founding fathers YES," @bigVbigVbigV wrote.

"Founding Partner? The writers really phoned that one in!" @wheelwatcha wrote.

"Founding partner is an unfair terminology word usage and this type of wordplay should not be allowed," @suzy_horvath wrote. "#unfairwheel"

Others thought the puzzle was totally fair and claimed to solve it with ease.

"I got it right away!!" @cleohoney wrote. "A founding partner in a company is definitely a thing."

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"Founding Partner certainly is a thing, especially with law firms and accounting firms. The founding partners are the two or more people who started the firm," @David75983862 wrote.

"While founding partner is a business term, I don't think a lot of people would've gotten it," @EvanKap41870757 wrote. "It really was quite a tricky one. Just shows that WOF would use anything."

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