Wheatland Wind Project makes long-term partnership with County

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The Wheatland Wind Project has entered into a deal with Wheatland County and will be providing long-term financial support to the community at large.

The agreement has established a Community Benefits Fund, under which the Wheatland Wind Project has committed to providing the County with financial contributions of $25,000 annually for a period of approximately 25 years.

Through the agreement, the funds will go towards funding various scholarships, initiatives, events and organizations that will benefit the local community.

“Because the project is going to be operating within the County for a long term, they wanted to contribute as they were operating within that timeframe. It’s a good long-term funding project for the community,” said Dave Rimes, community services coordinator with Wheatland County. “I think all the community groups in the region will benefit. It’s a substantial amount of money that will be added every year to grant programs for these community groups.”

Rimes added the agreement has been under discussion between the Wheatland Wind Project and the County for several months and has now been given the green light.

The partnership will be established after the Wheatland Wind Project’s first year of operation and following the completion of any associated construction.

This timeline would see the first contribution of funds into the community beginning sometime in 2024.

“Quality of life is enhanced through the provision of these support initiatives to community organizations, which nurtures the health and well-being of our communities and contributes to the sustainability of Wheatland County,” said County Reeve Amber Link.

According to Rimes, the Wheatland Wind Project will be involved in evaluating requests and applications from the community that come in seeking funding, once contributions begin.

“It was offered by the Wheatland Wind Project. We’ve got another partnership similar to this with another energy company,” added Rimes. “The Wind Project was offered to our community benefit and what was important was the energy company was (supporting an) environmental scholarship and supporting community organizations within the county and giving back to the community.”

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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