WhatsApp group admins can now approve who joins their communities

It will also be easier to see groups you have in common.

·1 min read

WhatsApp has announced two new features for group chats and communities. The first is a privacy update, allowing admins to decide whether a person can get access to the group or not. Previously, anyone could join using an invite link provided by any member. Typically, banners within the chat indicating a new person has entered the group are small and can easily disappear from view after a few messages. This shift can ensure conversations and information is shared with those who it's intended to be.

The other update focuses on connecting with other people in your Communities. Last year, WhatsApp created Communities to allow multiple groups to exist under one umbrella. Now, the messaging platform is making it easier to find out which groups you have in common. The group names will appear when you search under a specific contact's name.

This announcement comes on the heels of a few new WhatsApp updates. The most recent one allows users to schedule when they will leave a WhatsApp group chat. This feature is still in beta testing, but would mean a big clear out of your conversation history. Other recent additions include picture-in-picture support for iOS video calls and voice notes as status updates.

Thee two new features should be available worldwide in the next few weeks.