What's that smell? Something is fishy at Bears' Halas Hall

Sometimes, the jokes write themselves.

As if the Chicago Bears didn’t do a good enough job on their own stinking up the place on Sunday as they played the Philadelphia Eagles, and as if having to wait to go home because of a broken-down plane didn’t make them queasy enough, the team returned to its Halas Hall facility on Monday and something smelled.

Something smelled fishy in Bears’ Halas Hall … turns out, it was rotten fish. (AP)


Via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune, the stench of rotted fish overtook Halas Hall, with players surprised to find out the stink wasn’t just from the film of their 31-3 loss in Philly.

It was, as it turned out, spoiled sushi that was served at the facility late last week, then not properly disposed of before workers departed for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Presumably, getting rid of the offending sushi meant the smell dissipated. If only fixing the 3-8 Bears were as easy.

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