What is left for a virus to kill in a morally corrupt nation: Rana Ayyub

The urge to appear to be an intellectual is so strong that often some self-proclaimed torchbearers of liberalism lose their bearings.

One such case in point is journalist Rana Ayyub, a columnist for an American newspaper and a known baiter of the Indian government. A Twitter post by Ayyub has gone viral on social media where she made an extremely insensitive comment about the coronavirus pandemic and labelled India ‘a morally corrupt nation’.

In this photograph taken on May 27, 2016, Indian journalist and author, Rana Ayyub looks on during the launch of her self published book 'Gujarat Files' in New Delhi. / AFP / CHANDAN KHANNA (Photo credit should read CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

‘What is left for a virus to kill in a morally corrupt nation,’ she tweeted.

Her tweet drew scathing criticism, with several liberal voices, too, calling her a ‘pervert’ and ‘hate monger’. Many even questioned her journalistic integrity and raised questions about her book ‘Gujarat Files’ which was supposedly an expose on Narendra Modi, the then chief minister of Gujarat, and his government’s alleged complicity in Gujarat riots 2002.

Many people felt that she excels at spreading propaganda against India, her own country, and peddles hate to milk the misery of the Muslim community.

Ayyub, however, remains adamant and refuses to apologise for her tweet.