What do asset management companies do? How do they function?

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Businessman pointing arrow graph corporate future growth plan. Business development to success and growing growth year 2020 to 2021 concept
Businessman pointing arrow graph corporate future growth plan. Business development to success and growing growth year 2020 to 2021 concept

An asset management company is a medium through which a person can manage their funds better with an experienced firm handling their money. These companies work as financial experts for individuals as well as conglomerates.

The companies work in a set pattern. They are entrusted with an individual's capital and invest it in various options like bonds, stocks, and real estate, calculating and balancing out returns based on the level of risk. These companies are run by fund managers, who do market research and decide where the pooled-in money goes. They consider the individual's investment preference and then advise them to evaluate the market risk and come to a decision in their best interest. There are investment options that have moderate or low returns but are risk-free.

There are also investment options that yield a very high return but are significantly volatile. An asset management company invests in an amalgamation of both, keeping one's financial goals in mind.

An asset management company works in a step-by-step manner once a person puts in their capital. The first step is deciding on where to allocate the asset. This is because all investment options come with a theme and the fund manager's job is to figure out the best theme to suit a person's goals.

The second step is research and analysis. Once a theme is identified, the fund manager goes through the portfolio's market health, financial standing, and history of returns. They also go through the future prospects and predictions regarding the investment option's health, the probability of a crash, and other plans if the primary one fails. With a list in hand, they move into investing.

The fourth step is dividing up the capital and investing a percentage into different options. The research conducted by an asset management company identifies options and the risks involved. If an individual is open to high returns with the risks involved, they will invest a lion's share of the capital to an option that has the most returns. The rest of the money is divided into quotas and invested in a combination of high-risk and low-risk options, to ensure that the end returns in total are in line with the aspirations of an individual. They keep a small percentage as a fee, which is mutually agreed upon before the agreement.

An asset management company is the best option for people who do not have a thorough understanding of the market but would like to play their revenue and reap its benefits. It is a fail-proof option that many Indians access.

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