West Nipissing needs more than $55,000 to cover Town Hall

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West Nipissing council needs to put a new roof over their heads, and their original budget just won’t cut it. They earmarked $55,000 for the project in their last budget. After receiving four tenders for the work, the lowest one was for $87,950.

That tender was put forth by Blanchfield Roofing and council voted to accept their offer.

These tenders were opened on August 19 by Perry and Perry Architects, and the municipality’s director of economic development, Stephan Poulin, submitted them to council in a memo dated September 21.

He mentioned in that memo that bid prices are “significantly higher than budgeted amounts” and suggested “market pricing is impacted by the ‘Covid Factor.’”

However, Poulin noted that of those four bids received there was a “a difference of $7,500 from the highest to the lowest, which demonstrates that the prices are competitive and reflective of the scope of work involved.”

It is the north side of the roof that requires replacement, “the large section that also covers the fire department,” and during their October 19 meeting Poulin recommended to council they “move ahead with this work.”

“It’s critical,” he said. “It’s a section of the building that we’ve been having issues with, and we need to move forward with it to avoid any further damages.”

He then suggested that the additional costs (above that $55,000 originally budgeted) can “be covered from the community services capital reserve.”

Council agreed that was fine. “When there’s a roof that’s damaged,” councillor Roland Larabie said, “definitely it will get worse, it won’t get better, and it has to be moved on right away,” to save costs down the road.

“We’re going to try to get it done” before year end, Poulin said, “but weather certainly is a factor in getting the materials in, but we’re going to try to get it done.”

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, BayToday.ca

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