West Lincoln Memorial Hospital enters final stage of design, construction

The construction of west Niagara's community hospital continues to progress as the new building comes off the ground.

At Grimsby's Feb. 6 council meeting representatives from Hamilton Health Sciences announced the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital is in its final stage of design and construction.

The new WLMH, located behind the existing hospital, is 80 per cent larger than the old building and will operate with single-patient rooms.

“The province is realizing, and with the pandemic was a great example, that single-patient rooms are the only way to go from an infection control perspective,” said Kelly Campbell, vice-president of Corporate Services and Capital Development.

Campbell also said there will be no extra charges for the private rooms and that the hospital would have to “make up” for that deficit in its funding management.

Eight new beds will be added to the hospital — a total of 55 beds — including six maternal rooms, the addition of newborn suites and eight bassinets with “bright and colourful designs.”

Signature programs such as the emergency department, diagnostic imaging, complex continuing care, centralized outpatient services, acute in-patient care, maternal and day surgery — with four new operating rooms — endoscopy, and ambulatory care will come to the new building.

“The good thing about building new is that you’re going to get all those latest and greatest infection control type standards that weren't in place even prior to the pandemic,” Campbell said.


Cladding — which provides thermal insulation and the building’s weather resistance — and interior finishes will begin. Furniture, fixtures and equipment — part of local share funding — will kick off along with a multi-year procurement and co-ordination process.

Inventory assessment to ensure everything is moved to the new building and an “operational readiness” planning transition between the current and future building is underway.

Construction is expected to be completed in the upcoming months. Campbell said the process is 50 per cent complete.

Creating processes and procedures for clinical and nonclinical teams for the new building is ongoing, and its design is complete.


A significant completion of the new building is expected by February 2025. The transition period — organizing the new hospital’s interior and getting teams to work in the space — should take four to six months.

According to Campbell, the grand-opening happens in Mid-2025, and full-site completion will take place in the summer of 2026 — which includes the old building's demolition, additional parking and landscaping.

Beatriz Baleeiro, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News