There were two winners for Canada lottery jackpot worth millions—they’re the same guy

Katie Camero
·1 min read

A Canadian man experienced a once in a bluemoon win when he accidentally bought two tickets for the same lottery draw using the exact numbers he’s been playing for years, according to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

Andrew Burke, of Calmar, is now $5 million richer, winning $2.5 million on each ticket from the Sept. 16 LOTTO 6/49 draw, one of three national lottery games in Canada.

“On our wedding day, my father-in-law said, ‘I always wanted my daughter to marry a millionaire, but I got the next best thing – someone who spends money like a millionaire,” Burke told the WCLC. “Well…now…,” he trailed off laughing while claiming his jackpot win.

“All I wanted out of the lottery was to be able to retire comfortably, keep up on the house and have my Land Rover restored. I don’t need anything else,” Burke said. “I have everything I need.”

Burke said he’s now “on vacation from his job until further notice,” according to the news release.

When he entered the gas station he usually visits to play the lottery, and where he played his winning numbers, Burke said the owner walked up to him and exclaimed, “what have you done, Andy? Have you broken my machine?”

Burke explained his winning tactic: “the first line is always birthdays — just like everyone else in the world. The others are just what I call ‘hmm’ numbers,” he admitted.

He said he plans to spend his winnings on renovations on his house, restorations on a vintage Land Rover he owns and on a trip back home to the United Kingdom when the coronavirus pandemic deems international travel safe, according to the news release.