Wendy's 12 Days Of Holiday Deals Has Arrived. Here's What To Expect

Wendy's burger with bacon
Wendy's burger with bacon - Deutschlandreform/Shutterstock

The season of giving is upon us and even your favorite fast-food establishments are taken by the spirit of generosity. According to a press release, Wendy's is offering members of its rewards program 12 full days of tasty holiday deals starting December 9. The promotion runs through December 20 and is replete with many beloved options, including sweet and savory menu items.

Rewards members are privy to lots of great deals at Wendy's all year long, but this latest offer is something to behold. On December 10, the fast-food restaurant is offering a free Breakfast Baconator, while you can warm up with a complimentary small chili on December 19.

In addition to 11 free items, including Frostys, French toast sticks, burgers, fries, and even a Breakfast Croissant Sandwich, the food chain is also offering a half-off of its taco salad on December 12. But keep in mind that a purchase is required if you want to score these deals during the 12-day promotion.

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How To Take Advantage Of Wendy's Holiday-Inspired Offers

picking up order at Wendy's drive-thru
picking up order at Wendy's drive-thru - View Press/Getty Images

There are lots of other delicious goodies in store for you when you take advantage of Wendy's latest promotion. And if you're not an existing rewards member, now is the perfect time to sign up. And if you're already a part of the Wendy's fan club, accessing these amazing deals couldn't be easier.

Simply check out the Offers section on the Wendy's website, click the holiday offer for that day, and apply the deal when placing an order online or dining inside the restaurant. Holiday deals may not be posted on the website until the day they're available, so don't get discouraged if you check early and don't see the item you're looking for. With so many great offers just around the corner, fans of Wendy's are already anticipating a tasty holiday season. As exclaimed by one happy fast-food lover on Reddit, "Deck the halls with square beef patties!"

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