Wells Adams Teases a 'Sexy' Season of Bachelor in Paradise : 'They've Really Turned Up the Heat'

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Wells Adams attends the 47th Annual People's Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on December 07, 2021 in Santa Monica, California.
Wells Adams attends the 47th Annual People's Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on December 07, 2021 in Santa Monica, California.

Amy Sussman/Getty Wells Adams

Wells Adams is counting down the days until the newest season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Speaking to PEOPLE at Clayton Kershaw's eighth annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose event recently, the reality star said he can't wait for fans to see the upcoming season of the spinoff, which he believes is "the best show" made by the franchise.

"It's good. It's sexy. I'll say this: it's very sexy," Adams, 38, explained of the new season, which premieres Sept. 27 on ABC. "When it comes to Paradise, I think it's the best show that we make."

"It's fun and it's funny, and it's very successful," he continued. "The mission statement is for people to get engaged and have long-lasting, meaningful relationships. That show kills."

Unlike previous seasons of the franchise's spinoff, the cast headed into paradise with less information about their potential partners, according to Adams, who appears on the series as a bartender.

"This season was different than years past," he said of the show's eighth season, which he confirmed has already wrapped filming. "Before, usually like four weeks of The Bachelorette would air, before we would start filming Paradise. So you had kind of a sense of who the 'villains' are and who the sweethearts are."

The television star said it was "kind of nice" going into the season with less intel on the contestants beforehand. "I went into it blind ... I had no preconceived notions, no biases," he explained.

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One thing he can confirm about the new cast? "Everyone is very, very hot. It's always hot. There's always sexy people there. But this year... they've really turned up the heat," Adams said. "And it's funny, we do a lot of really funny things this year."

In fact, Adams was so impressed with the flawless blend of romance, drama, and comedy on ABC's series that he's surprised it hasn't received recognition at award shows.

"The fact we have haven't won an Emmy is travesty in our time," he quipped. "In ours or any other generation, how they don't win Emmy's is ridiculous."

"I think there's going to be something that everyone will love," he added of the new batch of episodes.

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Speaking about the series' filming schedule, Adams explained that Paradise is "very much is a show where it's a free for all."

"Everyone's just kind of like moseying around ... we're just filming what's happening in front of us. And it's very, very real," he shared. "I think it's a pretty honest representation of what's happening."

And as Adams adds another season of BIP to his resume, there is one thing that has changed about his experience on the show. "Maybe it's because I'm getting older, I don't know, but everyone wants to have shots with me," he joked. "I'm like, 'I am an old vet now. My stomach can not handle this!'"

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As Bachelor Nation watches the final weeks of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey's journey to find love on The Bachelorette, Adams said he has empathy for everyone on the current season — but especially Gabby, Rachel and hopeful Logan.

"It's one of those things where I have empathy for everybody," Adams noted, making reference to the trio's love triangle. "I feel for everyone involved, as someone who was on The Bachelorette. I understand everyone's upset with Logan, I think right now, but I remember being on the show and being four or five weeks in and being like, 'I don't really know if I know her that well.' So I get where he's coming from."

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"I understand [Logan's] point of view," he continued. "I understand Rachel's point of view, where it's like, 'This sucks. I keep on getting kind of like denied and rejected.' And then Gabby's put in a bad spot too."

"But also like, I know who comes to Paradise," Adams jokingly added. "So I can't say anything."

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.