Welcome to Florida — and the world. How a baby was born on a Frontier Airlines flight

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Frontier Airlines announced some nice mile-high news, for a change.

No mask fight. No arrest. No passenger ejection.

A blessed event.

“A Frontier flight attendant is the toast of the airline after recently helping a passenger give birth to a healthy baby girl in flight,” the Denver-based carrier said in a statement on Facebook, without specifying the date. (A Frontier spokeswoman tells the Miami Herald the incident happened back in January.)

The announcement goes on to explain a mother-to-be went into labor while flying from Denver to Orlando.

Flight attendant Diana Giraldo immediately jumped into action and ushered the unnamed mother-to-be to the back lavatory and assisted with the birth.

The captain diverted the plane to nearby Pensacola International Airport, where an emergency crew was waiting. After mom and the newborn were safely on the ground, the plane flew to its original destination of Orlando.

“This was a job well done,” said the flight’s captain, Chris Nye. “I was happy to see everyone working together to successfully deliver a newborn on an aircraft.”

Nye noted that the flight, N717FR, is Frontier’s Lily and Luna plane, coincidentally also known as the mother and daughter plane. The plane tail sports an image of a wolf and her pup.

The airline posted a picture of the adorable human newborn snuggled up in a blanket. A Frontier spokeswoman says the girl’s first name is Jada, and her middle name is most appropriately Sky. Her mother is from the Orlando area, Frontier says.

Despite the happy news, note this: Air travel is generally not advisable during the last trimester of pregnancy.

According to Frontier’s website: “Passengers who are pregnant are urged to consult with their doctor on whether it is safe to travel by air, including with due consideration to the possibility of turbulence, cabin pressurization, significantly increased risk of deep vein thrombosis associated with pregnancy, and lack of ready access to medical care.”

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