Weinstein Company Staffers Pen Statement About “Monster” Harvey Weinstein

Patrick Hipes

The New Yorker has published a statement signed by “select members of the Weinstein Company staff” in the wake of that magazine’s exposé on the company’s co-founder Harvey Weinstein. The group, which did not sign individual names but is said by the magazine to number about 30, says among other things that they “did not know we were working for a serial sexual predator” said that the TWC board “failed” in its duty to keep Weinstein in check.

“We know that in writing this we are in open breach of the non-disclosure agreements in our contracts,” states the letter, which calls Weinstein “a monster.” “But our former boss is in open violation of his contract with us – the employees – to create a safe place for us to work.”

The statement comes along with a new piece on the New Yorker site today detailing Weinstein’s history running TWC from its New York office. The statement was drafted this week, with one of the staffers telling the New Yorker reporter Dana Goodyear, “This awful helpless feeling of being vilified for something you never knew was creating this feeling of true despair.”

Added the statement: “We have nothing to hide, and are as angry and baffled as you are at how Harvey’s behavior could continue for so long. We ask that the company let us out of our NDAs immediately – and do the same for all former Weinstein Company employees – so we may speak openly, and get to the origins of what happened here, and how.”

Reps for Harvey Weinstein’s PR team at Sitrick & Co, which has remained mostly quiet as the scandal has grown, did not respond to request for comment on the story or the statement. TWC reps also did not respond to request for comment.

Read the full statement here.

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