Weekly Horoscope: March 17 - March 23

Jennifer Dahbura

This weekly horoscope indicates a significant shift in our lives. On March 19, the sun enters Aries, marking the start of the Astrological New Year (Aries is the first sign of the zodiac) and International Astrology Day. The spring equinox also takes place on the 19th, coinciding with the Sabbat celebration of Ostara. The spring equinox brings an equal amount of day and night hours, as the sun moves along the Equator, creating balance in our lives. Ostara brings an opportunity to welcome the start of the new season and give us the energy to pursue our new goals and aspirations before the lunar eclipse commences next week.

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Aries illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


March 21 - April 19

Watch out for the relationships you cultivate in your inner circle of friends; you may unknowingly sow seeds of discord among them. Even if you are aware of their personal feelings towards each other, it is important to keep those feelings to yourself and never repeat them. Lock them away in the vault and never reveal the passcode. Exposing these deep-seated sentiments out of jealousy or irritation could lead to everyone turning against you for creating the issues and problems. Be careful of the web you weave this week and try to avoid conflict from unfolding.

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Taurus illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


April 20 - May 20

This week, you will see that many people are showing up for you and proving their care towards you. It's important to not take their compassion and generosity for granted and show appreciation towards them. You might have felt like people were not appreciating you, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Remember, what goes around comes around. Therefore, it's important to be kind, tender, and show up for those you care for. Your one time heart of glass won't easily break with good friends who support you as well as standing directly by your side.

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Gemini Illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


May 21 - June 20

As a trendsetter of the zodiac, you are always miles ahead of the game. However, the downside is that others tend to steal your ideas and claim them as their own. It can be frustrating to see your creativity and thoughts being used by someone else. Rather than dwelling on the situation, it's important to focus on elevating yourself using your ingenuity. You can keep your ideas a secret or limit sharing them to prevent others from stealing them. While they're trying to make “fetch” happen, you have already done so and have moved on to the next buzzworthy endeavor.

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Cancer illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


June 21 - July 22

Cancer, your delulu is coming trululu. Your visions are finally coming to fruition this week. The ideas that you had put on the back burner are now resurfacing, and you're revising them to find their actual purpose in your life. You have been manifesting these things for a while now, and they are finally becoming a reality, which should make you feel good about yourself. Make the most of this moment and enjoy the excitement. Always believe in yourself and your abilities to overcome any obstacle that comes your way because dreams can become tangible things.

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Leo Illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


July 23 - August 22

It's crucial to approach issues with an open mind and be receptive to new information that may change your perspective. Don't feel compelled to cling to a belief or concept simply because it feels right — sometimes, the facts may tell a different story. Remember that there can be multiple truths in a situation, and it's important to remain flexible and willing to apologize if necessary, rather than holding onto resentment. If that's the case, let go of your pride and admit you're wrong, because you are the one who's holding yourself back from living your best life in this case.

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Virgo illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


August 23 - September 22

Your one-time fairy tale romance has been up and down for so long that you're finally beginning to feel “the ick” for them and want to run away because you're seeing a lot of red flags suddenly pop up. Once you do, be sure to just focus on healing yourself; do not get down on yourself for not noticing these things before or for letting them happen. After all, you're only human, and you want to believe the best in others, which is why you gave a lot of your energy to them. Now’s the time to reclaim your power!

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Libra illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


September 23 - October 22

It's time to hard launch your ‘ship! Post pictures of you and your partner on social media, then create fun hashtags to celebrate the fabulousness of your dynamic duo. Remember that haters might try to bring you down, but don't let their negative comments get to you. Focus on the love you have for each other and don't worry about what others say. No matter what comments come your way, they’re always drowned out by the support of those who truly care about you and your partner. Don't let the noise get to you. Focus on the love you share.

Person with a long braid looking intense.

Scorpio illustration

Person with a long braid looking intense.
Jennifer Dahbura


October 23 - November 21

If you are currently feeling unfocused and scattered, try to bring yourself back to the present. This week is going to be busy and full of chances for you to excel academically and socially. Seize the opportunities that come your way with open arms and don't let self-doubt get in the way of achieving your goals. Instead of saying no, say yes to things that are fun, daring, and new (within reason). You never know what can happen when you open yourself up to them because the possibilities are endless for you, which is why you shouldn't hold yourself back.

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Sagittarius illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


November 22 - December 21

Being able to communicate effectively can be a valuable skill, especially if you're able to use it to your advantage. However, it is important to be mindful of the impact your words may have on others, especially those who are important to you. If you find yourself constantly flirting with others and causing unnecessary triangular problems within your relationships, it may be time to reassess your priorities and consider being honest about your intentions. Remember, being a player may seem fine and thrilling in the moment, but it can lead to hurt feelings and broken hearts in the long run.

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Capricorn illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


December 22 - January 19

It's important not to look back in anger at matters or relationships that have been difficult for you. If you give them light and love and move on and forward, you'll be able to feel as though the situation has closure. The more you hold on to things, the harder it will be to release them, which will weigh on you for a long time. You can live a lighter life by unburdening yourself from holding onto the past and releasing it to be happier and healthier. In the end, this mentality will do your heart and spirit some good.

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Aquarius Illo

Jennifer Dahbura


January 20 - February 18

It's crucial to express your thoughts freely without holding back. You never know who might be listening, and your words could inspire and motivate them to achieve great things. Your experiences, including pain and heartache, can be used to help others understand themselves better. By sharing your story, you can guide others to grow and evolve in their personal journey. Don't hesitate to create around and document your past because it can be valuable for others to hear and worth investing time into.

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Pisces illustration

Jennifer Dahbura


February 19 - March 20

You may feel like a fish out of water (pun totally intended) this week bevause there are many unexplained bizarre things happening in your orb, and you're experiencing strange energy from your friends. Remember that this is all your perception, and right now you're lost in the haze. But, that doesn't mean you will be forever. By week’s end, the cloudiness will clear up, and the sun will shine bright again. You will be able to see through the mist that's been keeping suss matters secret and hidden from you. Trust that everything will come to light, so don't worry.

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