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One unexpected side effect of social distancing: Have you noticed everyone has a favorite TV show?

"Kate Winslet does a great Philly accent." "Trust me, you don't have to care about soccer to love it." "Have you watched 'Hacks'?"

It's Alex and Lindsay, and this is Your Week, a Monday subscribers guide to USA TODAY's can't-miss journalism.

Today we're geeking out about Sunday night's Emmy Awards, a culmination of an excellent year of binge-worthy TV... and a surreal experience to see celebs party like it's 2019. From a Seth Rogan roasting the show's COVID-19 protocols to all the things you did not see on TV, USA TODAY reporters have you covered:

But that's not all the news we're buzzing about today. In this edition, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz shares a heartbreaking and revealing story of the moment we're at in this pandemic. And we look at the latest updates in the Gabby Petito and Alex Murdaugh cases that have captured the nation — and social media.

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Your Week
Your Week

Columnist Connie Schultz: When a loved one dies of COVID and some still doubt

This is our moment in history: One in five-hundred US residents have died of COVID-19. The following excerpt is from a column by USA TODAY's Connie Schultz.

Julie Wallace can describe what she wants to hear from people after they discover her husband Lewis died of COVID-19: “I want them to say, ‘We don’t want to lose any more, so I will do the right thing.’ That’s all I’m asking. Please do what you can to protect one another.”

A few weeks ago, Julie was standing in line to check into a hotel ... The man standing in front of her was berating the desk clerk for insisting he wear a mask.

Looking for an ally, he turned to Julie.

“My husband died of COVID,” she told him. “Don’t talk to me without wearing a mask.”

He didn’t apologize for his behavior. He expressed no sympathy. Not so much as, “I’m sorry.” But that man turned around, shut up and strapped on his mask. It wasn’t enough. But in that moment, it was everything. Read the full story here.

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Big updates on COVID in the USA

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Stories capturing the nation's attention

  • Authorities are still searching for Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of missing blogger Gabby Petito, after he returned home from a road trip without her earlier this month. The FBI announced Sunday that remains found in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest are likely Petito's.

  • Alex Murdaugh, a member of a well-known legal family in Hampton County that ran a local prosecutor's office for more than 80 years, allegedly had a former client shoot him with hopes that his $10 million life insurance policy would be paid out to his surviving son. What happened? When? Where? Who's involved? Here's what we know.

  • The United States closed the Mexican border Sunday to Del Rio, Texas, as more than 14,500 migrants, the vast majority of whom are Haitian, camp under a bridge to seek asylum. Many have been living in Latin America for years.

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