The Week contest: Booze rescue

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This week's question: Germany has announced that before it withdraws its 1,100 NATO troops from Afghanistan, it will first fly home their huge stockpile of alcohol — more than 60,000 cans of beer and hundreds of bottles of wine and Champagne. What operational name should the German military give this boozy rescue mission?

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How to enter: Submissions should be emailed to Please include your name, address, and daytime telephone number for verification; this week, please type "Booze rescue" in the subject line. Entries are due by noon, Eastern Time, Tuesday, June 22. Winners will appear on the Puzzle Page of the Aug. 1 issue and at on June 25. In the case of identical or similar entries, the first one received gets credit. All entries become property of The Week.

The winner gets a one-year subscription to The Week.

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