'Wedding Crashers' sequel could still happen

Gregory Wakeman
David Dobkin says a Wedding Crashers 2 script is in development (Image by New Line Cinema)

Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin says that work is still being done on a script for a potential sequel to the hugely popular 2005 comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Dobkin made this admission to Collider, saying that they “started noodling” on a potential follow-up “a while ago,” and they’re still waiting to see what might happen. 

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“Everybody keeps hitting me up about a Wedding Crashers sequel. We don’t have a script that we’re there with yet ... We’re unclear yet. Vince has to read it and Owen has to read it. I saw something that seemed like a good start. But there’s no rush to go make that movie.”

This is quite the turnaround for Dobkin, who admits that he used to be approached regularly about a follow-up, but neither him, Wilson or Vaughn were ever interested. 

(From left to right) Jane Seymour, Owen Wilson, Isla Fisher, Vince Vaughn and director David Dobkin. (Photo by Ian West - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

“For many, many years every year I got offered to do the sequel, there were some very big deals on the table. And none of us wanted to do a retread of the same movie again.”

“Anything within those first years that we talked about was the same movie, and we were like, ‘Why?’ Financially I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I did (laughs). And Vince and Owen didn’t want to do it either.”

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But, around 2015, Dobkin started to have second thoughts about doing a Wedding Crashers sequel, as he began to wonder what Vaughn and Wilson’s characters would be like if they suddenly became single again in their late 40s and had to “go back out in the world.”

Of course a sequel would only work if both Vaughn and Wilson decide to return. Fingers crossed that they can write a script that impresses the duo, because if they don’t then there won’t be any point in making a Wedding Crashers sequel.